2016-17 AR Requirements 7-12

2016-17 Requirements for 7-12 Accelerated Reader

  1. AR is used in Faulkton Area School district to promote increased student reading; research shows that the best way for students to improve reading is to PRACTICE reading.
  2. Students or parents may check to see if reading material is covered in the testing program or is in the appropriate grade level by using this site:  www.arbookfind.com 
  3. Eighth and ninth graders may choose either MG (Middle Grade) or UG (Upper Grade) books.  Students in grades 10-12 must choose books of UG (Upper Grade) classification. Some exceptions may be made by the teacher. When in doubt, students MUST clear choices as appropriate BEFORE reading them.
  4. All quizzes must be taken in the presence of the classroom teacher.   A teacher MUST be informed before testing begins; a student may be asked to log into the computer in front of the supervising teacher. (During the summer Mrs. Demery will log students in.)
  5. Students should send a copy of the successful report to the supervising classroom teacher, who will electronically store it.  NO REPORTS WILL BE PRINTED.  Books may NOT be used when completing tests. 
  6. Students are strongly advised to take tests only on material they have read and comprehended.  While rumors are rampant about some students’ ability to earn points from only watching the movie, the real experience is rare.  Do not jeopardize your chance to take a test if you actually READ the book at some point.
  7. Students who read a book but do not pass the AR test may schedule a book conference with their classroom teacher, where up to 70% of the AR points may be rewarded.
  8. Any students involved in cheating will receive a 0 for the nine weeks.
  9. Excess points will carry over from one nine weeks to another.  If the 30 point mark is not reached, students may not designate points for upcoming nine weeks.
  10. During the final 9 weeks grading period, students may use points in excess of 120 for the year for extra credit.  These extra credit points will be scored two for one.  In other words, if you have 36 extra points, 18 credit points will be awarded.  The maximum extra credit is 25 points. 

 POINTS:                                                                                                                                                 DUE DATES:

30= 100                                   23=93                      17=84                      11=76                                      AR deadlines          

29=99                                      22=92                      16=82                      10=75                                      are posted

28=98                                      21=91                      15=81                      9=74                                       in classrooms.

27=97                                      20=90                      14=80                      8=72                                      

26=96                                      19=87                      13=79                      7=70                                      

25=95                                      18=85                      12=77                      All other points

24=94                                                                                                      times 10.