2016 May Minutes

Faulkton Area School District 24-4 Board of Education

Monday, May 9, 2016
7:30 p.m.

The regular meeting of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 Board of Education was called to order by Chairman Heather Bode at 7:30 p.m. in the superintendent’s office.

Roll call of members present were Kelly Aesoph, Heather Bode, Gary Bowar, Todd Brand and Grady Heitmann. Also present were Superintendent Joel Price, Secondary Principal/AD Craig Cassens, Business Official Lisa Raethz, Brenda Ferguson, Michele Latt, Scott McCloud, Jody Moritz, April Sorensen and Jerry Weyand.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.


2015-16.125. Agenda Approval.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Brand, to approve the proposed agenda. Unanimous.


2015-16.126. Business Official’s Report.  Food Service Management Company.  Raethz stated the financial status of the food service fund is comparable to last fiscal year. We have had expensive repairs to kitchen equipment this year which makes the expenditure totals higher than last year.  Raethz stated the overall program has improved from the beginning of the school year as well everyone’s perception to change. Raethz stated she negotiated with CBM to lower their fixed price per meal $0.12/meal and leave the breakfast meal the same. She recommended renewing the contract with CBM another year.  Motion was made by Heitmann, seconded by Brand, to renew the CBM’s food service management company agreement for the 2016-2017 school year.  Unanimous. 


2015-16.127. Minutes & Financial Approvals. Motion by Aesoph, second by Bowar, to approve the minutes of the April 11, 2016 meeting, April 2016 Financial Statement and April 2016 Trust and Agency Fund Report; the April 2016 Imprest Fund Report; and payment of the presented bills for May 9, 2016. Unanimous.








Pre K &

T & A







Driv. Ed.


Beginning Balance








Beginning Cash
































Ending Balance








Ending Cash
























State of SD-State Aid








Dacotah Bank--checking, mm, cd interest








Pre-K Tuition








Lunch & Milk Sales








Food Program Reimb.








Misc. Reimb.








Gym Passes








Yearbook sales








Birth to 3 Funding








Athletic Passes/Gate Reciepts








Hyde County








Potter County








Hand County








Faulk County








Total Receipts









April 2016 Imprest Fund: Track Meet Fees: Ipswich HS $180.00, SBA $120.00, Gettysburg HS $30.00, Eureka HS $50.00, Redfield HS $125.00, Howard Wood Relays $100.00, Redfield Kiwanis $100.00, Miller HS $100.00. Travel Reimbursements: Craig Cassens $55.04, Dacotah Bank/State FFA Meals $845.00, Melissa Hayes $64.00, Mary Schlechter $75.00, Jeremy Demery $103.76, Kathleen Melius $75.00, Kari Haberling $64.00, Joel Price $14.95, Nikki Melius $80.03. Election Services: Sheilah Fischer $160.00, Dianne Baloun $185.20, Faulkton Schoo. $181.84. Other: Brice Cunningham $15.00 Reimb. Golf Fee, Miller School $15.00 Contest fee, Bauer’s Super Valu $578.74 Supplies, BerMac $67.98 Repairs;  

May 9, 2016 Bill Payment: Ace Refrigeration $708.90 Repairs, Advance Ed $825.00 Fees, Bantz, Gosch, Cremer, Peterson $480.29 Services, Best Western $314.97 Travel, Beyond Play $371.04 Supplies, Blick Art Materials $16.11 Supplies, Brentwood Colony $960.94 Food Service Contract, BSN $865.11 Supplies, Cardmember Services $503.27 Supplies, CBM $15,232.94 Food Service Contract, Century Business $735.72 Services, City of Faulkton $195.97 Water/Sewer, Cole Papers $16.24 Supplies, Dakota Dust-Tex $103.15 Services, Delta Dental $2,721.28 Insurance, Dramatic Publishing $20.30 Supplies, Family Career Community Leaders $1,710.00 Registrations, Faulk Co. Record $580.51 Supplies & Publishing, FAMC $738.75 Services, Faulkton Drug $31.47  Supplies, Faulkton Hardware $22.91 Supplies & Repairs, Faulkton School  $3,385.54 Reimb. Imprest Fund, Flinn Scientific $948.40 Supplies, Follett School Solutions $990.94  Books, GE Capital $503.46 Copier Lease, Hanson Construction $760.00 Repairs, Hase Plumbing $406.45 Repairs, Hauff Mid-America Sports $360.95 Supplies, Homan Ace Hardware $161.67 Supplies & Repairs, Houghton Mifflin Co. $480.27 Supplies, J.W. Pepper $73.24 Supplies, Johnson Controls $9,478.29 Repairs & Services, K&D Busing $21,943.38 Services, Kaplan $159.61 Supplies, KC Lumber $58.35 Supplies, Lakeshore $304.66 Supplies, Marc $3,227.52 Supplies, The Markerboard People $207.95 Supplies, McCrossan Boys Ranch $5,411.46 Residential/Tuitions fees, Nasco $781.60 Supplies, NASSP/NHS $385.00 Membership, NCFE $200.21 Gas, NorthStar Energy $1,191.05 Propane, Northern Plains $538.50 Repairs, Northwestern Energy $947.37 Electricity, Pamela Osnes $1,894.20 Services, Plank Road Publishing $114.39 Supplies, Really Good Stuff $92.71 Supplies, ReliaStar Life Ins. Company $23.40 Insurance, Reuer Sanitation $585.00 Services, Rocketmath $49.00 Subscription, School Specialty $3,803.61 Supplies, Sheraton $1,072.00 Travel, Super Duper Publications $220.54 Supplies, Teacher’s Discovery $30.90 Supplies, Thunderbird Colony $1,431.25 Food Service Contract, Time Management Systems $38.06 Services, Toennies Plumbing & Heating $30.61 Repairs, Trend Enterprises $32.60 Supplies, Tri-C Publications $589.00 Supplies, USI $654.00 Supplies, Veblen Asbestos $550.00 Services, Venture Communications $371.68 Phone/Internet/Fax, Wellmark $26,729.00 Health Insurance; May 2016 Payroll: General Fund: $145,170.99 w/ benefits, Special Ed. $26,748.28 w/ benefits, Food Service $2,221.78 w/ benefits, Pre-K $1,193.30 w/ benefits.


Recognitions. Mr. Price recognized bus driver, Jim Nilles. Nilles is retiring at the end of this school year after 24 years of driving bus for the district. The board thanked Nilles for his service.

Superintendent’s Report.  Fire Marshall Report.  Mr. Price informed the board of the recent Fire Marshall’s report.  1. Rooms used for all Pre-K to 2nd grade students may not be located above or below the first story.  This means the Pre-K classroom cannot be located on the 3rd floor and the after school program can’t be in the basement of the junior high hallway.  Both Cassens and Price stated the suggestion would be to relocate the 6th grade classroom to the junior high wing and have the Pre-K and After School Program share a space in the current 6th grade classroom.  Everyone agreed the solution is not ideal but the only logical one at this time.  Both April Sorensen and Brenda Ferguson were in attendance and stated they were very appreciative for the space in the school building for the after school program and would like to continue to be located in the school.  The board agreed and will review the agreement at the June meeting.  2.  There is an absence of smoke/fire detectors in the music rooms and elementary wings.  3. In the elementary title room, SPED room, and DDN/health classroom the interior wall and ceiling finish must conform to Chapter 8 of the UBC. 4. Accessible manual shutoff valves must be installed and labeled in the following areas: science lab and boiler room.  5. All cooking surfaces in the FACS lab must be properly covered by a ventilated hood system.  All items on this list must be accounted for in a response to the Fire Marshall within 30 days. 


After School Program-Lease Agreement.  An agreement will be prepared as discussed for approval at the June board meeting. 

Secondary Principal/AD Report.  Graduation.  Mr. Cassens informed the board of a graduation commencement practice consideration that arose. The question arose as to if other medals and cords could be worn at graduation. Cassens stated previously the request was denied to honor those graduates with honor cords. Cassens took a high school instructor staff survey and came up with a tie vote.  Cassens recommended the only other item worn be a national honor society medallion and stated this should be adopted into policy.  This will be discussed again at policy adoption time. 


Building & Grounds Committee Report.  Bowar stated himself and Aesoph met with Climate Systems. At this point the district is still waiting on a renewal quote from Johnson Controls to compare with Climate Systems.


Preliminary Budget Discussion/Budget & Bill Subcommittee Capital Outlay Budget Report.  Raethz presented the board with a budget summary for the 2016-2017 school year.  Raethz stated the general fund balance at present is at a less stressful status due to currently collected opt-out funds.  Raethz also stated general fund balance numbers are slightly misinterpreted due to the teacher’s contract terms changing from a 10 month to 12 month payout. Raethz stated negotiations are not completed yet but that would be the most significant change in expenses, everything else remains mostly consistent. The only revenue change is the increase of $107,000 in district need (new money).  Special Education expenditures and revenue will remain similar to last year. The pension levy will no longer exist and the district will need to spend down any balance in that fund. Raethz stated this amount should be diminished by the end of fiscal year 2017.  The Food Service and Drivers Education/Pre-K funds are similar to last year.  Capital Outlay. Heitmann and Bode stated they met as the bills and budget committee to review the capital outlay budget. They explained that right now the capital outlay expenditures are at approximately $689,000 but they were looking for insight from the rest of the board on the amount of money to set aside for a building fund.  Several options and opinions were discussed and Raethz was directed to set aside an additional $280,000 as well as budget for approximately $360,000 to pay off the HVAC debt service. 


2015-16.128. School Board Election Canvass.  Motion by Heitmann, second by Bowar, to approve the official canvass for the school board election on April 12th, 2016. Canvass verified the following: Scott McCloud 415, Jerome Weyand 409, Kelly Melius 277, Carrie Deiter 182 and Heather Bode 86. Certificates of election were presented to Scott McCloud and Jerome Weyand and they will start their 3-year term at the July 2016 board meeting.  Unanimous.  

2015-16.129. Open Enrollment.  Motion by Brand, second by Heitmann, to approve and accept the open enrollment request for the 2016-2017 school year.  Unanimous.

2015-16.130. Dakota Education Consulting.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Brand, to enter into a contract with Dakota Education Consulting for services effective for the 2016-2017 school year for $3,699.84. Unanimous.

2015-16.131. SDHSAA Ballot.  Motion by Brand, second by Bowar, to vote the following ways on the SD High School Activities Association Official Election Ballot:  Kelly Messmer, Division I Representative and Yes on Amendment No. 1. Unanimous.

2015-16.132. Gene Herman.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Heitmann, to create a fund called “Gene Herman Scholarship” in the Trust and Agency account. Criteria for the scholarship recipient will be determined by a representative from Gene Herman’s family, the Superintendent, Secondary Principal and 2 High School certified staff based on specific criteria. Funds will come from memorials and funds given by the family.  Unanimous.

2015-16.133. Special Education Comprehensive Plan.  Michele Latt was in attendance and explained the special education comprehensive plan and significance. 
Motion by Aesoph, second by Brand, to adopt the updated 2016 Special Education comprehensive plan. Unanimous. 

Public Comment. No public comments were made.

2015-16.134. Executive Session-Personnel/Contracts.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Bowar, to go into executive session at 9:33 p.m. for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term "employee" does not include any independent contractor.  As set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(1).  Out of executive session at 9:58 p.m.

2015.16.135. Resignations. Motion was made by Brand, seconded by Bowar, to accept the resignation of Eric Baird as 7th-12th grade Social Studies/ELA Teacher and Jenna Gruebele as Pre-K/Special Education Teacher as of June 30, 2016 and advertise as directed.   Unanimous.

2015.16.136. 6th Grade Teacher Contract. Motion by Bowar, second by Heitmann, to offer a contract for 6th grade Teacher for the 2016-2017 school year to Kyle Erdahl on a BA Step 0 in the amount of $30,850.00, as per the 2015-16 negotiated agreement and subject to 2016-2017 negotiations.  Unanimous.


2015.16.137. 7th-12th Social Studies/ELA Teacher Contract. Motion by Heitmann, second by Bowar, to offer a contract as 7-12th grade Social Studies/ELA Teacher for the 2016-2017 school year to Dylan Mickelson on a BA Step 0 in the amount of $30,850.00, as per the 2015-16 negotiated agreement and subject to 2016-2017 negotiations. Unanimous.


2015-16.138. Executive Session-Personnel/Negotiations.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Heitmann, to go into executive session at 10:10 p.m. for the purpose of preparing for contract negotiations or negotiating with employees or employee representatives.  As set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(4).  Out of executive session at 12:08 a.m. 


2015.16.139. Temporary Summer Maintenance. Motion was made by Bowar, seconded by Heitmann, to hire the following people as temporary maintenance assistants at $9.25/hour for 25 or less hours/week for 14 weeks: Jack McCamly and Don Hahler. Unanimous.  

2015.16.140. Administrative Negotiated Agreement. Motion by Heitmann, second by Bowar, to approve the amended administrative negotiated agreement effective July 1, 2016. Unanimous.

2015.16.141.Classified Personnel.
Motion by Aesoph, second by Heitmann, to offer Work Agreements to the following Classified Personnel: Janet Reed, Dennis Crum, William Becker, Kim Holt, Pam Hutchinson, Shelly Martinmaas, Tiffany Ogle, Leasa Ortmeier, Robin Young, Jill Wittmeier, Jeremy Demery, and Mary Vetch. Unanimous.

2015-16.141. Adjournment. Motion by Aesoph, second by Heitmann, to adjourn at 12:17 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.




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Board Chairman, Heather Bode                                             Business Official, Lisa Raethz