7th Grade Orientation

Course Syllabus

7th and 8th Grade FACS

Faulkton School


Course Description:

This class is an introduction to all family and consumer science curriculum.  Students will be introduced to topics such as self-awareness, assertive communication, life skills training, nutrition and food preparation, family life, child development, dating/relationships, consumer decision-making, career research, and basic budgeting skills.

7th – 8th Grade FACS is offered as a “wheel” course.

Units are taught on a rotational basis. 


Instruction will focus on hands-on activities as well as lecture, group discussion, guest speakers, use of technology, and other methods.  Students will have the opportunity to work both individually and as part of a small group to complete assignments.  Projects will require students to use academic skills in language arts, math, social sciences, and science.  FCCLA projects will be integrated into this course to enhance and promote the mastery level of competency for technical and academic standards.  Community resources will be accessed through speakers, panels, and field trips.

  Supplies Needed:

Each student will need to bring their computer each day.  A three-ring binder with notebook paper will also be used occasionally.  Activities, assignments and project outlines can be 3-hole punched for organization.  A writing utensil (pen/pencil) will be needed each day.  Note:  Pastel colored gel roller pens are not allowed for assignment completion.

 Classroom Rules/Consequences:

Active participation is necessary for excelling in this course.  Classroom rules and expectations are posted in the family and consumer science classroom.  Grades will be posted according to the extra-curricular eligibility policy on the Infinite Campus System.  All school policies outlined in the Faulkton Area School District handbook will be enforced.


Grading scales and procedures outlined in the Faulkton Student Handbook will be followed.  It is expected that all assignments and projects be handed in on time.  Students missing school will be given two days to make up assignments as stated in the handbook.  If a student knows that a test, quiz, or assignment is due on a given day, he or she is expected to complete the work the day they return to school.  Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period.  If homework is handed in after the assignment has been collected it will be considered late and points will be deducted.  More than two weeks late on any assignment will result in a zero score.  Scoring is based on total points.  Assignment, activity, and test points are provided on the Infinite Campus grade book. 


Open communication between student, teacher, and parent is desired for student success.  If you would like to visit with me you can set up a time before or after class or during one of your free periods during the day IF it does not interfere with my other class schedules.  I can be contacted through my school email at Nikki.Melius@k12.sd.us.  The school phone number is 598-6266 ext. 218.  All lesson assignments and activities are outlined online.  Every student and their parent will be invited to join. 

If you are absent from class, use the online resource to gather all notes, worksheets, and classroom resources.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  In an absence, students will have two days to make up his/her work.


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a student organization that empowers students to develop leadership skills, serve community members, and have fun with classmates and students across the state.  All FACS students are eligible to belong to the FCCLA organization since many projects for the organization are completed as class projects.  If a student would like to participate or compete on the district, state, or national level, additional dues must be paid annually ($20.00).  Please ask Mrs. Melius if you have additional questions.