Advertising/Commercial Enterprise

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Students, staff members, or school facilities, may not use or be used for advertising or promoting the interests of any community or non-school activity or organization without the approval of the Board of Education.  The superintendent may cooperate in furthering the work of any non-profit organization provided the cooperation does not infringe upon the school program or diminish on the amount of time devoted to the school program.

No salesman, agent, solicitor, or vendor will be permitted to solicit teachers or students on school property.  Exception will be made to allow the sale of magazines by and for the Junior Class.  Other exceptions can only be made when permission is granted by either the superintendent or the Board of Education.

Violations are to be reported promptly to the superintendent or the board.

No employee may charge a student a fee for any service rendered the student of the school system.  Extra tutoring of a student of this school for a fee is prohibited.


No employee may purchase for sale to students any material or equipment or render any commercial service to the school system on a commission basis.