April, 2018 Minutes

Faulkton Area School District 24-4 Board of Education

Monday, April 9, 2018
6:00 p.m.

The regular meeting of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 Board of Education was called to order by Chairman Ryan Nelson at 6:00 p.m. in the Faulkton School Lunchroom.

Roll call of members present were Kelly Aesoph, BJ Kalkman, Scott McCloud, Ryan Nelson and Jerry Weyand.  Also present were Superintendent Derek Barrios, Secondary Principal Craig Cassens, Business Official Lisa Hushka, students: Morgan Gutenkauf, Hayden Hayes, Taylor Machtemes and Ella Raethz, staff members: Jeremy Demery, Kyle Erdahl, Shayne Geditz, Melissa Hayes, Dylan & Danica Mickelson, Janet Reed, Mary Schlechter, Val Ramsdell from the Faulk Co. Record, Scott Sikkink and Dean Marske from HKG Architects, and the following district patrons: Marian Bartholomew, Gloria Bode, Tim Bowar, Carrie Deiter, Larry & Betty Drobny, Cory Hayes, Lori Kalkman, Brent Koens, Stan & Jeanette McCloud, Tim Quinn, Alice Sangster, Barb Schilder, Dave Speck, Corrine Weyand, Jack Wilhelm.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.  


2017-18.126. Agenda Approval.  Motion by Kalkman, second by McCloud, to approve the proposed agenda with the addition of Golf Coach at 10.2.  Unanimous.


Acknowledgements.  Mr. Barrios introduced Mrs. Mary Schlechter and the 9th grade computer class.  Mrs. Schlechter stated her 9th grade computer class is working with a 3D drawing program called SketchUp. Schlechter stated this group has done extremely well in this program and wanted to show some examples.    Hayden Hayes, Morgan Gutenkauf, Ella Raethz, and Taylor Machtemes showed everyone in attendance their house and office plan designs they worked on in the class.    

Conflict of Interest.  No conflict of interest waivers were presented.

Open Forum Time.  No comments were made.


2017-18.127. Minutes & Financial Approvals. Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to approve the following consensus agenda: minutes of the March 12, 2018 meeting, the April 2, 2018 special meeting, and the April 4, 2018 special meeting, March 2018 Financial Statement, March 2018 Imprest Report, and March 2018 Trust and Agency Fund Report; and payment of the presented bills for April 9, 2018.  Unanimous.


March 2018 Imprest Fund: SBA $230.87 Region GBB Loss, SDVBCA $115 Fees, SDIAAA $190 Fees.

Travel Reimbursements: Michele Latt $30, Shae Stephenson $58.25, Mallory Fischer $103.50, Chad Spicer $66, Jeremy Demery $64.89


April 9, 2018 Bill Payment: Agtegra Coop. $234.63 Gas, Bantz Gosch, Cremer , Peterson $656 Services, Bauer’s Super Valu $526.19 Supplies, Beyond Play $167.50 Supplies, JoDee Bryant $508.24 Equip.,  Cabinets & Interiors $247.12 Repairs, Cardmember Services $2,354.56 Supplies/Fees/Books, Carolina Biological $452.19 Supplies, Century Business $487.08 Services, City of Faulkton $178.17 Water/Sewer, Cole Papers $2,872.80 Supplies, Dakota Education Consulting $2,239.80 Services, Delta Dental $2,817.98 Insurance, DustTex $86.20 Services, EAI Education $237.67 Supplies, ECO Lab Pest Elimination $135.56 Services, Faulk Co. Record $335.99 Supplies/Publishing, FAMC $2,400 Services, Faulkton School $858.51 Reimb. Imprest Fund, Flinn Scientific $654.53 Supplies, Hanson Construction $1,140 Services, Hase Plumbing $326.53 Repairs, Homan Ace Hardware $1,125.20 Supplies & Repairs, Houghton Mifflin $156.35 Supplies, JW Pepper $256.98 Supplies, Johnson Controls $2,507.45 Repairs, K&D Busing $19,037.50 Bus Contract, Lakeshore $189.69 Supplies, Michele Latt $40.48 Travel, Lust Automotive $1,075.80 Repairs, McCrossan Boys Ranch $5,219.93 Tuition & Residential Services, McGraw Hill $36.49 Supplies, McLeods $113.73 Supplies, Nasco $329.76 Supplies, Northern Plains $7,098.42 Propane, Northwestern Energy $2,882.94 Electricity, Plank Road Publishing $26.40 Supplies, Really Good Stuff $47.04 Supplies, Reliastar Life $23.40 Insurance, Reuer Sanitation $585.00 Services, Riddell $1,476.62 Services, SASD $125 Fees, School Mate $165 Supplies, School Specialty $2,444.38 Supplies, SDHSAA $1,023 Fees & Supplies, Sheraton $416 Travel, Sonny’s $14.50 Supplies, Super Duper Publications $111.25 Supplies, Taylor Music $121 Supplies, Thrive Nutrition $11,255.55 Food Service Contract, Time Management Systems $43 Services, Trend Enterprises $93.01 Supplies, Tri-C Publications $1,691 Workbooks, US Toy Co. $126.45 Supplies, USI $717.44 Supplies, Venture Communications $481.32 Phone/Fax/Internet, Wells Fargo $469.36 Copier Lease, Wieser Educational $336.90 Workbooks, Ted Williams $3,235 Services, Jill Wittmeier $100.80 Mileage Reimb., Zaner-Bloser $294.70 Supplies, Wellmark $27,811 Health Insurance; April 2018 Payroll: General Fund: $173,237.35 w/ benefits, Special Ed. $25,503.17 w/ benefits, Food Service $2,564.33 w/ benefits, Pre-K & Driver’s Ed. $3,830.92 w/ benefits.  








Pre K &

T & A







Driv. Ed.


Beginning Balance








Beginning Cash
































Ending Balance








Ending Cash
























Food Program Reimb.








Lunch Sales








Pre-K Tuition








State of SD-State Aid








Dacotah Bank - Interest








Misc. Refunds/Reimb.








Gym Passes








Rental Fees








Activity Passes/Gate Receipts








Birth to 3 Funding








Hyde County








Potter County








Hand County








Faulk County








Total Receipts








2017-18.128. HKG Building Option Discussion.  Scott Sikkink and Dean Marske were in attendance to answer any questions the board had about the previous plans discussed. They discussed the benefits and costs of hiring a construction manager for the elementary remodel project.  Marske stated having a construction manager would guarantee a maximum cost and their cost would be approximately 3-5% of the total project cost. When asked about a public vote for a remodel project, Sikkink said he hasn’t seen that done before.

Marske and Sikkink stated the work they have done so far has accumulated to $17,860 but the district doesn’t need to pay that now.  HKG isn’t billing that amount until a master plan can be formed.  They recommended coming up with an entire plan and following the district’s strategic plan. Marske stated any project done will meet all ADA and fire codes.  HKG discussed the cost difference between a steel and brick and mortar building and gave examples of schools recently built.  Sikkink thought brick and mortar would be about 11% more expensive. The board again discussed the different building options.  Motion was made by McCloud, seconded by Weyand, to enter into a contract with HKG for the 30-year Elementary fix, with an estimated budget of $1,658,880. There was a lot of discussion again for and against this action.  Chairman Nelson took a roll call vote with the following voting aye: Kalkman, Weyand, and McCloud. Voting nay: Nelson and Aesoph. Motion carried.  Sikkink stated HKG would now work through the superintendent to work on a contract. 


Building Committee Formation.  Chairman Nelson stated a building committee should be formed in order to follow our district’s strategic plan.  Nelson stated the committee will consist of: board members Kalkman and McCloud, the Superintendent, community members, other administration, and staff members.  Nelson said he’d like to get it arranged this month and directed the rest of the board to be thinking about it.  This committee would tour other schools and work with HKG to come up with a master plan to bring to the board.  The elementary remodel project would be worked into the plan as well.  The board will discuss this committee and the expectations they have for it at the May meeting.


2017-18.129. School Board Policy Change.  Barrios discussed some feedback after the first reading.  He stated the policy in the board meetings section talking about open forum time listed a speaker shall be granted 5 minutes and he changed that to 2 minutes to coincide with what the board is doing right now. Motion was made by Aesoph, seconded by Weyand, to approve and adopt said policies. Unanimous.  Barrios asked if he should continue working on the personnel policies and the board stated he should. 


2017-18.130. Superintendent Contract.  Motion was made by Aesoph, seconded by Kalkman, to offer a 3-year contract to Scott Lepke, as Superintendent/Elementary Principal, with terms as negotiated.  Unanimous. Barrios thanked the board, staff and community members who helped with the interview process. He said it went very smooth.


2017-18.131. ASBSD Health Insurance Renewal Resolution & Participation Agreement.  Motion by Aesoph, second by McCloud, to adopt the Associated School Boards Protective Trust – SD School District Benefits Fund Participation Agreement and Adoption and Renewal Motion effective July 1, 2018. Unanimous.


2017-18.132. SDHSAA Membership Resolution.  Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to authorize membership in the SD High School Activities Association for the 2018-2019 school year. Unanimous.


2017-18.133. Golf T&A Account.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to create a fund called “Golf” in the Trust and Agency account. Unanimous.

Budget & Bills Committee Meeting. Hushka stated she would like administration to meet with the budget and bills committee to review the capital outlay budget before the next meeting. Hushka stated she will contact the committee at the end of the month to schedule a time.  Barrios stated the Negotiations committee will also start to meet with FEA to negotiate next year’s master contract. 

Classroom Visits.  Barrios said he did not have any board member visits this month but still encouraged the board to schedule those visits.

Superintendent’s Report.
  Legislative Update.  Barrios stated the 1% increase from the state will be figured into our teacher accountability requirement, but the one-time funding will not.  Barrios said Senate Bill 46 will require the district to have a policy on restraining a student and House Bill 1099 codifies the dual credit program. State Testing.  Barrios said state testing will begin in our district with Science next week and Math and English the week after that.  Fire Marshall Report. Barrios said the Fire Marshall visited all of our school buildings. The colonies are responsible for their buildings since the district does not own those.  Barrios stated an action plan will be submitted next week addressing the deficiencies in our buildings.  There is a copy of this report in Barrios’ office.

Secondary Principal’s Report.  Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning. Mr. Cassens’ stated he attended a Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning meeting in Pierre last week with Deputy Koens and Emergency Manager Toennies.  A list of security recommendations will be brought to the May meeting. 2017-18.134. Golf Coach.  Athletic Director, Shayne Geditz, told the board that there are 26 golfers in golf this year and only one coach.  Geditz recommended an additional coach be hired for safety reasons.  Motion by Weyand, seconded by McCloud to add an assistant golf coach for the 2017-18 school year. Assistant wage is $2,518.50.  Unanimous.  

Open Forum.  1. Tim Bowar asked the board if the community building committee discussion could possibly start earlier since farmers are not in the field right now and would have time to meet. 2. Danica Mickelson, music teacher, stated she wanted to acknowledge the following groups for their contest success:  On March 28th she stated they took 57 students (grades 7-12) to Aberdeen for a large band and vocal contest and both groups received a 2 (Excellent). On April 6, she took 44 elementary students and 2 junior high students to Wessington Springs.  She said the large choir group received a 1+ and there were 4-2’s and the rest received 1’s for solos and duets.

2017-18.135. Executive Session-Personnel/Negotiations.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to go into executive session at 8:26 p.m. for the purpose of preparing for contract negotiations or negotiating with employees or employee representatives, as set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(4), and for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term "employee" does not include any independent contractor, as set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(1).  Out of executive session at 11:30 p.m. 

2017-18.136. Colony Teacher.  Motion by Aesoph, second by McCloud, to offer a contract to Erica Hadrick as a teacher at Blumengard Colony on a MA Step 4. Salary subject to the 2018-2019 Negotiated Master Contract. Unanimous.

2017-18.137. Certified Contracts.
Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to offer contracts to the following certified personnel for the 2018-2019 school year with salaries as per the 2017-2018 negotiated agreement, subject to change upon completion of 2018-2019 negotiations: Nicole Aesoph, Vanessa Bowman, Chase Casper, Laura Cassens, Brice Cunningham, Lacey Currington, Kyle Erdahl, Mallory Fischer, Melissa Geditz, Shayne Geditz, Kari Haberling, Erica Hadrick, Alicia Hammond, Melissa Hayes, Voni Hubbell, Michele Latt, Kathleen Melius, Nichole Melius (79%), Danica Mickelson, Dylan Mickelson, Wanda Reid, Mary Schlechter, Chad Spicer, Mike Stahl, Shae Stephenson, Christopher Ulrich, Cortney Warren, and Cecelia Woodring.  Unanimous.

 2017-18.135. Adjournment.  Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to adjourn at 11:30 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

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Board Chairman, Ryan Nelson                                    Business Official, Lisa Hushka