Body Fluids

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1.      Wear gloves before any contact with body fluids, especially if you have an open cut on your hands.  If gloves are not available, give the injured party paper towels and have him/her apply direct pressure to the wound until additional assistance can be obtained.

2.      Discard gloves after use in a plastic sealed bag.

3.      Wash hands after handling fluids, even if gloves were worn.

4.      Discard soiled bandages and dressings in plastic bags following each incident.

5.      When possible, avoid direct contract with body fluids.

6.      Contamination control kits are available in the principal’s office, the high school library, the biology room, and the coach’s office.

7.      When direct skin contact does occur and gloves are not available, wash hands and other affected areas thoroughly for 10 seconds or more with warm water and soap.

8.      If clothing is saturated, rinse and place in plastic bags to be washed.  Wash separately in the school setting.  If bleach-able, use ½ cup of bleach per load.  Use gloves when rinsing and wash hands after the procedure.

9.      Disinfectant options include:

Rubbing Alcohol, Germicidal Detergent, Ammonia, & Bleach