Criminal Background

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In accordance with State law, it is the policy of the Faulkton Area School District to require a criminal background check for the following new district employees hired after July 1, 2000:

A.    Full-time certified teachers

B.     Part-time certified teachers

C.    Full-time lunchroom employees

D.    Part-time lunchroom employees

E.     Bus drivers

F.     Full-time office personnel

G.    Full-time teachers aides

H.    Part-time teachers aides

I.       Full-time custodians

J.      Part-time custodians

K.    Long-term substitutes

L.     Regular substitute teachers

M.   Administration

The following personnel are not required to have a criminal background check:

A.    Any person who has been continuously employed by the Faulkton Area Schools before July 1, 2000

B.     Clock, score-book, and chain-gang workers

C.    Ticket takers

D.    Any person hired to officiate, judge, adjudicate, or referee a school activity or athletic event.

Volunteer workers, such as grade community coaches, will be required to sign a waiver for possible background check.

The newly hired employee is required to make arrangements with the County Sheriff’s Office for fingerprinting and to sign permission for a criminal background check. 

The Faulkton Area Schools will not knowingly employ a person who has been convicted of a crime of violence, as sex offense, or trafficking in narcotics.

If the district suspends an employee, or an employee resigns or is terminated, the superintendent shall, within ten days, report the circumstances and the name of the employee to the Dept. of Education and Cultural Affairs.