FHS Plays

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 Year  All School Play Director
 1950 Senior:  Aaron Slick from Punkin' Crick"
 Mr. R. Webb
 1960 Senior:  The Magic Touch
Junior:  Two Dates for Tonight
 1965Seniors:  It's Great to be Crazy
 Juniors:  The Perfect Idiot
 Mr. Kaiser
 1966 Juniors:  Girl from Outer Space
 Mr. James Kaiser
 1978 Juniors:  The Mouse that Roared
Seniors:  They Run in Our Family
 1979 Juniors:   The Magic Touch
Seniors:  Hillbilly Wedding
 1980    Juniors:  You Can't Take it With You
Seniors:  Cheaper By the Dozen
 1981 Juniors:  Rest Assured
Seniors:  If Mother Only Knew
 1982 Juniors:  Bats in the Belfry
Seniors:  Two by Two
 1983Juniors:  A Christmas Carol
Seniors:  Maid to Order
 1984 The Small War in Corridor A
 1985 All American
 1986 Let it Rain
 1987 Cheaper by the Dozen
 1988 Stranger in the Night
 1989 Me and My Shadow
1990 Maid to Order
 Jane Perman
 1991 Nightmare High School
 Karla Meidinger
 1992 Her Kissin' Cousin
 Karla Meidinger
 1993 The Will and the Spirit
 Karla Meidinger
 1994 Wishes Karla Meidinger
 1995 Tune into Murder
 Karla Meidinger
 1996 Backstage Karla Meidinger
Mrs. Moritz, Assisting
 1997 Clockwork Mrs. Moritz        
 1998 Musical:  Tied to the Tracks
 Mrs. Moritz
 1999 Of Moss and Men
 Mrs. Moritz
 2000 Musical:  One Magic Moment
 Mrs. Moritz
 2001 They Run in Our Family
 Mrs. Moritz
 2002 Here comes the Judge    
 Mrs. Heidenreich
 2003 Murder can be Habit Forming    
 Mrs. Heidenreich
 2004 Hillbilly Hankerin'
Mrs. Heidenreich
 2005Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
 Mrs. Heidenreich
 2006  School for Nerds Mrs. Heidenreich
 2007 Cactus Pass
 Mrs. Heidenreich
 2008 Lady Dracula    
 Tomelyn Taylor
 2009 Murder by Indecision
 Tomelyn Taylor
 2010 Hotel Pickel
Tomelyn Taylor
 2011 Baby Talk
 Tomelyn Taylor
 2012 Hillbilly Hijinks
 Tomelyn Taylor
 2013 Rehearsal for Murder
 Tomelyn Taylor
 2014 1st Annual Boughs of Holly Country Club Christmas
 Tomelyn Taylor
 2015 CSI: Never Everland
 Holly Demery
2016        Dr. Evil and the basket of kittens            Holly Demery
2017        Hamlet with Extra Cheese                       Holly Demery
2018        Beauty and the Beast                                Holly Demery

 Year     One Act Plays
 1978 To Burn a Witch
 1979 none 
 1980 Jacob Comes Home
 1981 Diary of Adam and Eve
 1982 Portrait of Jenny
 1983 None 
 1984 Return of the Unicorn (Went to State)
 1985 The Porch Swing (Serious)
 1986 Almost the Bride of Dracula
 1987 Idols  (Serious)
 1988 Take a Letter
 1989 The Night is Far Spent (Serious)
 1990 If Girls Asked Boys for Dates
 Jane Perman
 1991 To Absent Friends (Serious)
 Karla Meidinger
 1992 Drive-In Karla Meidinger
 1993 The Empty Chair (Serious)
 Karla Meidinger
 1994 Next Karla Meidinger
 1995 Friends of Julia Dark (serious)
 Karla Meidinger
 1996 The Danes of Our Lives (Went to State)
Garrick Moritz and Matt Reuer superior acting awards at State.
 Karla Meidinger
 1997 Cancelled because of bad weather    
 Heather Jordan
 1998 The Day the President Called
 Mrs. Moritz
 1999 No Problem (serious)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2000 The Doctor is In
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2001 Her Senior Year (serious, went to state)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2002 The Great Pandemonium
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2003 Unturned Stone
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2004 Thanks Awfully  (went to state)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2005 Gotta Get Pumped (went to state)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2006 Snowee White and the Seven Chicks
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2007 Honorable Mention (State Superior Award) (Serious)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2008 The Fourth Wall (State Superior Award)
All Cast members received superior ensemble at State.
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2009 The Monster of Eden City (serious)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2010 Teenage Nightmare (Cast members got superior ensemble award at State) 
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2011 A Funny Way of Showing It (serious)  Superior at State
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2012 Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2013 Unsung (serious)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2014 Who Am I This Time (serious)
 Mrs.Jody Moritz
 2015 The 11th  (serious)
 Mrs. Jody Moritz
 2016 The Laffin School (Kaci Clement and Abbi Quinn Oustanding Actress at Regions)
 Holly Demery    
 2017 ...And Others  (Cast all got Outsanding at Regions)  Eryka Quinn received superior at State and the cast got Superior as an ensemble) 
 Holly Demery
2018            Kiss of Death                                                        Holly Demery