Facility Use Agreement

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Rental rates shall be:

A.    Auditorium and/or Multi-purpose Room:  $60.00/day + custodial costs

B.     Kitchen and/or Dining Room:  $40.00/day + custodial costs

Neither the school district, the school board, nor any officer or employee of the school district is liable for any injury that occurs as a result of the use of this facility, regardless of the cause of injury, including the design, maintenance, or condition of the facility and equipment used under this agreement.

The leasing organization and its members, officers, and employees are liable for damage to any person that may arise as a result of the use of this facility, as provided in SDCL 13-24-20 and are liable as well for any damage to the facility or equipment provide by this agreement.

This agreement is not valid and the facility may not be used unless this agreement is signed by the person or organization submitting the request prior to the facility use.  In addition to the liability undertaken herein by the organization using the facility in the manner in which it was found, without exception, including without limitation that any areas used be left clean and neat and all equipment be returned in the same condition it was when the use was granted.

 A 501-C non-profit organization will be charged half the normal rental fee to rent the facilities. (July, 2015)