Faulkton Area School Policies

Section C:  Staff Policies
 Certified Staff
 Elementary Teachers
 Secondary Teachers
 Classified Staff Leave
 Co-Curricular Participant & Adviser Stipend
 Co-Curricular Reimbursement for National Events
 Hutterite Colony Teacher Duties and Travel 
 Mileage Reimbursement
 Pre-K Reimbursement for Inclement Weather
 Reduction in Force/Recall
 Staff Travel
 Substitute Employee Pay
 Teacher Evaluation
  Co-Curricular Extra Pay

Section D:  Student Policies
 Compulsory Attendance Ages
 Corporal Punishment
 Dangerous Weapons
 GED Exemptions
 Online Classes
 Student Bullying
 Student Conduct on Buses
 Student Discipline
 Student Dismissal
 Student Due Process Rights
 Student IEP Transfer
 Student Records
 Student Rights and Responsibilities
 Substance Abuse
 Threatened Act of Violence

Section E:  General Policies
 Advertising/Commercial Enterprises
 Alcohol, Drugs, Controlled Substances
 Authorized Signatures
 Board Financial Directive Capitalization
 Board Member Conflict of Interest
 Body Fluids
 Chaperones for School-related Activities
 Child Abuse
 Communicable Disease
 Complaint Procedure
 Concussion Awareness and Prevention
 Contractual Relation with other Schools and School Districts
 Credit Card Use and Electronic Transactions
 Criminal Background Check
 Direct Deposit
 Early Dismissal
 Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination Policy
 Facility Use Agreement
 Imprest Fund
 Investment Policy
 McKinney-Vento Homeless Student parent Complaint Policy
 Open Enrollment
 Open Gym
 Patriotic Exercises and Flag Displays
 Public Records Retention & Destruction
 Release of Certified Staff for Extra Co-Curricular Events
 Restraint and Seclusion
 Retirement Policy
 Sexual Harassment
 Staff Insurance
 Student Transportation
 Teacher Handbook
 Tobacco & Smoking
 Trust and Agency Fund Procedures
 Trust and Agency Requirement
 Trust and Agency Interest Earned
 Volunteer Submission Form