July, 2018 Minutes

Faulkton Area School District 24-4 Board of Education

Monday, July 9, 2018
6:00 p.m.

The regular meeting of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 Board of Education was called to order by Business Official Lisa Hushka at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center.

Roll call of members present were Kelly Aesoph, BJ Kalkman, Scott McCloud (via Skype), Ryan Nelson, and Jerry Weyand. Also present were Superintendent Scott Lepke, Secondary Principal Craig Cassens, Business Official Lisa Hushka, staff member Janet Reed, and the following district patrons: Gloria Bode, Trevor Cramer, Carrie Deiter, Lori Kalkman. Marian Poindexter, Steve Roseland, Barb Schilder, Dave Speck, Tom Strasburg, and Corrine Weyand.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.  


2018-19.1. Agenda Approval.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to approve the proposed agenda. All members voted aye. Due to McCloud being present via speaker all motions are voted on by roll call.


Acknowledgments.  Hushka acknowledged the district’s new Superintendent, Mr. Scott Lepke, and stated Mr. Lepke has 24 years of administrative experience, 8 years as Superintendent and 16 years as Principal.  Hushka stated she thought Lepke will be a good fit for our district and she was looking forward to working with him.


Conflict of Interest Waivers.  No conflict of interest waivers were presented.


Open Forum.  No comments were made.


2018-19.2. Executive Session- Personnel. Motion by Aesoph, second by McCloud, to go into executive session at 6:06 p.m. for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term "employee" does not include any independent contractor.  As set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(1). All members voted aye.  Out of executive session at 6:25 p.m.

Oath of Office.  Oath of office was recited by Kelly Aesoph.


2018-19.3. Board Chairman. Hushka called for nominations for Board Chairman for the 2018-2019 school year.  Aesoph nominated Ryan Nelson but the motion died for a lack of a second.  Scott McCloud nominated Jerry Weyand, seconded by BJ Kalkman. The following board members voted aye: Kalkman, McCloud, Weyand.  Opposed: Aesoph, Nelson.  Motion carried. 


2018-19.4. Vice Chairman. Weyand called for nominations for Vice Chairman for the 2018-2019 school year.  Aesoph nominated Ryan Nelson and the motion died for lack of a second. Weyand nominated Scott McCloud, Kalkman seconded it. All members voted aye.  Motion carried.


2018-19.5. Legal Representatives. Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to designate the following individuals and entities as legal representatives of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 for the 2018-2019      school year. All members voted aye.

A.      Name the Faulk County Record as legal newspaper.

B.      Name the Superintendent and Business Official as purchasing agents for the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4.

C.      Name Dacotah Bank as legal depository for the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4.

D.     Authorize the Business Official to properly invest surplus funds of the District.

E.      Authorize the Business Official as Supervisor of the Trust and Agency Fund and the Imprest Fund of the District.

F.       Name the Superintendent and Business Official as Administrators of Federal Programs.

G.     Name the Business Official as Supervisor and Treasurer of the Food Service Program.

H.     Set a Chain of Command for the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 as Superintendent, Business Official and Secondary Principal in case of emergencies.

I.        Name the Superintendent as Asbestos Coordinator of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4.

J.        Set the second Monday of each month as the official meeting date of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 Board of Education and to compensate board members at a rate of $65.00 per month and $65.00 per negotiations meetings.  Meetings will be at 6:00 p.m. on this day unless stated otherwise.


2018-19.6. Committee Assignments. There was discussion on who should be on each committee. Motion by Kalkman, second by Nelson, to approve the following committee assignments: Budget/Bills/Negotiations: Scott McCloud & Ryan Nelson, Buildings & Grounds/New Facility/School Improvement: Scott McCloud & BJ Kalkman, Policy: Kelly Aesoph & Ryan Nelson, Technology: Kelly Aesoph & Jerry Weyand, Transportation: Jerry Weyand & BJ Kalkman. All members voted aye.


Board Retreat.  Mr. Lepke stated he would like the board to participate in a board retreat. Stated he has been working on topics to cover at the training.  Lepke stated the purpose is to provide board training and for him to get to know the board. Lepke said he would like to visit about: board classroom visits, school website, board/Superintendent relationships, what to expect from each other, trust, transparency, building master plan, strategic plan, entry plan for when school starts, ideas from the staff on things that are going well and not going well, things that need improvement, board roles/responsibilities, and ASBSD training opportunities.  Lepke stated this will be about a 3-hour training and wants to do it before the August board meeting.  Lepke wants to cover some valuable topics so everyone can work effectively for the better of the school district.  Lepke will get some dates out to the board to choose from.


2018-19.7. Minutes & Financial Approvals. Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to approve the following consensus agenda: minutes of the June 11, 2018 meeting and June 28, 2018 special meeting, June 2018 Financial Statement and June 2018 Trust and Agency Fund Report; and payment of the presented bills for July 9, 2018. All members voted aye.







Pre K &

T & A







Driv. Ed.


Beginning Balance








Beginning Cash
































Ending Balance








Ending Cash
























Food Program Reimb.








State Proration of Funds








Lunch Sales








Pre-K Tuition








Driver's Ed. Tuition








State of SD-State Aid








Dacotah Bank - Interest








Misc. Refunds/Reimb.








Mentor Program








Gym Passes








Rental Fees








Activity Passes/Gate Receipts
















Surplus Sales








Health Assessment Refund








Hyde County








Potter County








Hand County








Faulk County








Total Receipts









July 9, 2018 Bill Payment: ASBSD $989.27 Fees, Bauer’s Super Valu $21.99 Supplies, BSN $1,183.56 Uniforms, Cabinets & Interiors $5,819.74 Equipment, Century Business $90.00 Services,  Delta Dental $2,817.98 Insurance, Dust Tex $144 Services, Faulkton Development $42,500 Lease, Golden West $69,198 JH Computers & Servers, Johnson Controls $1,219.26 Repairs, King Insurance $28,764 Insurance, Menards $86.36 Supplies, NCS Pearson $897.75 Supplies, Reliastar Life Ins. $23.40 Insurance, Riddell $3,714.95 Equipment, SD United Schools Assn. $450.00 Fees, SFM $8,706 Insurance, Shiffler $127.27 Supplies, Software Unlimited $6,700.00 Software, South Dakota Retirement System $6,008.50 Special Pay Plan, Sterling $48,100 Equipment, Time Management Systems $40.97 Services, Vogels Auto Services $11,384.80 Mower, Wellmark $29,241.00 Health Insurance, West Interactive Services $699.75 Software; July 2017 Payroll: General Fund: $156,703.43 w/ benefits, Special Ed. $18,545.12 w/ benefits, Food Service $2,559.84 w/ benefits, Pre-K & Driver’s Ed. $3,830.93 w/ benefits.  

Budget Hearing.  Business Official Hushka stated the 2018-19 budget was published in the newspaper on June 27, 2018 and this was the time and place for the budget hearing.  General Fund:  The published budget includes requesting the maximum levy in the General Fund, as well as a request for $290,000 in opt-out funds.  Hushka said that budget transfers from General Fund to Food Service ($30,000) and Pre-K/Dr. Ed. ($20,000) are included in this budget. Also, a transfer from the Capital Outlay fund of $203,000 to the General Fund is also included for contract busing.

Special Ed. Fund:  Hushka stated there wasn’t any significant changes in funding or expenses in this fund other than the addition of a special education teacher.  Hushka explained the district continues to budget and pay the expense of an out of district placement student.
Food Service Fund:  Hushka informed the board that the CPI increase from the Food Service Management Company and the increase in student lunch prices was accounted for in this fund and the transfer from the General Fund remained the same as last year. 
Pre-K & Dr. Education Fund- Hushka stated revenues would be down this year due to the district not charging a tuition fee for Preschool, however, Hushka stated expenditures also decreased in this fund due to the Pre-K teacher splitting her time between junior kindergarten and Pre-K this year.  Hushka reminded the board that will General Fund will collect state aid for those junior kindergarten students. 
Capital Outlay-  Hushka stated the amount budgeted in the Capital Outlay fund is $1,082,000 which includes $150,000 in the building surplus and $30,000 in the technology surplus line items. The total levy amount will be $1,040,000. Last year was $1,131,000.   Hushka stated she would like board approval to go ahead and order everything left on the expenditure side.  The board did not have a problem with this and also did not have any other questions about the budget.  Hushka stated this would be the time for any public input if there were any.  There was no public input.

Building Committee Discussion. Mr. Lepke asked what this committee would be doing and Hushka read the minutes of the June meeting stating: “This committee will work with the plans that are in place, visit other schools, and report back to the board.  The building committee will work with HKG and what the board is currently working on.”  Hushka stated it was the goal to have the general Obligation bond brought to a vote in November and in order to do that a decision would need to made by late August or September to advertise for the election.  Lepke will work on scheduling a time and place for the building committee to have its initial meeting. 


2018-19.8. Food Service Contract. Hushka explained this would be the 3rd renewal allowed for the food service management company contract.  Hushka said in the next couple weeks she will be working on the Free and Reduced application for this school year and a copy of this renewal contract will be included.  Hushka stated she has been in contact with Thrive and the contract will increase the allowed amount determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which was 2.7%. This amount was $0.10 for lunch and $0.05 for breakfast.  Hushka also stated she has been negotiating with Thrive on the profits from a la carte sales.  Previously all a la carte profits were kept by Thrive.  Hushka stated in this contract it was negotiated to receive $0.06 on every $1 that is sold by increasing the meal equivalent factor to $3.96.  Motion was made by Nelson, seconded by Kalkman, to approve the agreement with Thrive for the 2018-19 food service contract. All members voted aye.

2018-19.9. Surplus Declared.  The following registered voters of the district were chosen to appraise the surplus property: Jeremy Demery, Craig Cassens and Kelly Aesoph. The appraisal value was $25.00/each for 25 HP Eltebook Computers.
  Motion by Aesoph, second by Nelson, to declare the following items as surplus property: 25 HP Eltebook Computers. The board’s intent is to sell said items via private sale.  All members voted aye. 

2018-19.10. Advertise for Bids.  Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to advertise for bids for the 2018-2019 school year for Fuel Oil, Gasoline (with a key card) and Propane.  All members voted aye.

2018-19.11. SDHSAA Ballots.  Motion by Kalkman, second by Nelson, to vote the following ways on the SD High School Activities Association Official Election Ballot:  Craig Cassens from Faulkton for Division IV Representative, and Randy Soma from Brookings High School as Division II Representative.  Unanimous.

Listing of 2018-2019 Employees & Salaries.
Aesoph, Nicole                     $39,900 (2nd Grade)
Alspach, Alex                        $38,700 (Special Ed.)
Bowman, Vanessa                $41,000 (7-12 Math), $2,846.25 (Asst. VB)
Casper, Chase                       $37,900 (Library, Computers, PE) $3,787.50 (Head GBBB) $2,587.50 (Asst. Track) $1,255.60
Cassens, Laura                      $43,500 (Brentwood Colony Ed.)
Cunningham, Brice              $44,900 (Thunderbird Colony Ed.), $4,545 (Head BBB) $4,545 (Head Golf)
Currington, Lacey                $41,100 (Blumengard Colony Ed.)
Erdahl, Kyle                           $38,300 (6th Grade), $2,587.50 (Asst. BBB), $2,587.50 (Asst. Golf)
Fischer, Mallory                   $38,300 (Jr. Kindergarten & Pre-K), $3,787.50 (Head VB)
Geditz, Melissa                     $51,000 (4th Grade)
Geditz, Shayne                    
$44,900 (K-12 PE, 7-8th Soc. Studies), $6,750 (Athletic Director) $4,545 (Head Wrestling) $4,545 (Head FB)
Haberling, Kari                     $49,500 (3rd Grade) $375 (Longevity Pay)
Hadrick, Erica                       42,500 (Blumengard Colony Ed.)
Hammond, Alicia                 $46,500 (Kindergarten)
Hayes, Melissa                      $49,500 (1st Grade) Concessions $2,062.50
Latt, Michele                        $46,300 (Speech Therapy) $12,360 (Special Ed. Coordinator)
Melius, Kathleen                  $42,300 (Title, JH Math)
Melius, Nichole                    $36,577 ((Family & Consumer Science) $4,680 (FCCLA) $1,000 (Board Certification)
Mickelson, Danica               $37,900 (K-12 Music), 3,600 (K-12 Co-Curricular Music Director)
Mickelson, Dylan                 $38,300 (Lang. Arts, Soc. Sci.) $1,612.50 (JH FB) $1,612.50 (JH GBB)
Reid, Wanda                         $46,300 (Thunderbird Colony Ed.)
Schlechter, Mary                  $46,500 (Business, Computers)
Spicer, Chad                          $44,900 (Special Ed.) $3,363.75 (Asst. Football) $4,923.75 (Head Track)
Stahl, Mike                            $46,300 (Brentwood Colony Ed.)
Stephenson, Shae                $46,000 (Special Ed.) $2,846.25 (Asst. Track), $1,773.75 (JH VB)
Ulrich, Christopher              $39,500 (JH & HS Science)
Warren, Cortney                  $38,300 (5th Grade)
Woodring, Cecilia                $38,300 (Ag Ed.) $3,600 (FFA) $4,377.14 (Extended Contract) $3,600 (Competition Cheer Coach)
Cassens, Craig                       $64,000 (Secondary Principal)
Hushka, Lisa                          $48,500 (Business Official)
Lepke, Scott                          $88,000 (Superintendent/Elementary Principal)
Azevedo, Maria                    $12.00/hour (Aide)
Becker, William                    $12.50/hour (Maintenance)
Crum, Dennis                        $12.85/hour (Maintenance)
Demery, Jeremy                   $58,656 (Technology)
Holt, Kim                                $15.00/hour (Aide)
Hutchinson, Pamela            $15.75/hour (Aide)
Ogle, Tiffany                          $12.50/hour (Aide)
Reed, Janet                           $18.75 (Maintenance)
Vetch, Mary                          $15.17/hour (Admin. Asst.)
Young, Robin                        $11.25/hour (Aide)

Superintendent’s Report.  Lepke thanked the board for the opportunity to be the superintendent in the Faulkton School District. He stated he is very honored to be here.  When he told people he was leaving his past job to come to Faulkton everyone told him what a great community this was and great people.  He said he has been here, off and on, for about 3 weeks now and has found that to be very true.  Everyone he has met has been incredible and have gone out of their way to help him and get him on the right track.  Lepke wanted to publically thank everyone.  Lepke then stated in his 24 years of experience in education, he has had to do an awful lot of things that other superintendents have never had to do such as: change a mascot, close 2 rural schools in the district, and he cut over $500,000 in a general fund budget.  He said that none of that is easy to do when you are letting people go. Lepke then said that he realizes there is a divide here with the building project and that issue.  Lepke stated that he, personally, does not have a side to be on because he can see both sides. He said he can see building new and renovation.  He said this town is too good of a town to keep letting this issue tear it apart. He stated no matter what happens, we need to do it the best we can, and do it for the kids. He said we need to do what’s in the best interest of the kids, keep the tax payers in mind, and bring this community back together.  He said people kept telling him what a great community this is, and it is, but we all need to get back on the same page and be a community together. Lepke stated that was going to be his goal, to work with the school board and the community and do what’s right, no matter what that is.  He stated it’s his job to help, and facilitate, and guide, and make sure people have the right information before they make these big decisions. He said that is what he’s here for, and a challenge like this does not scare him. He said that his wife is here with him and works as a registered nurse at the hospital.  ASBSD Joint Convention.   Lepke told the board that the ASBSD Joint Convention is August 9-10 in Sioux Falls and he is planning on going and would like a couple board members to go.  Lepke told the board to let him know if anyone wants to.  Board Docs Software Discussion. Mr. Lepke stated there is a program called Board Docs.  He talked about how this program helps assist with board meetings and being transparent with the community.  Lepke explained it is very user friendly and he said he would talk more about it at the board retreat. 

Policy Change- Handbook Change.   Cassens read the semester test exemption policy in the student handbook for a first reading. The privilege of exemption from taking semesters tests, if 40 or less periods are missed, could be changed from only applying to High school students, to including junior high students also.  Cassens stated he would like to hear feedback on this.  Cassens stated another option would be to release junior high students at the same time as the elementary students. 


Secondary Principal’s Report.   Mr. Cassens updated the board with where the district sits with a junior high/high school English teacher.  He said the district had one applicant early on that ended up taking a different position.  Cassens said since last week he has had one interested party that he will touch base with.  Cassens said if hiring an English teacher doesn’t happen, we need a backup plan just in case.  Cassens’ stated the English Language Arts teacher would be filled the following way for this school year: 7th Grade English: Mr. Cassens, 8th grade English (FACS teacher), 9-12th grade English will be delivered by the NSU E-Learning Center. Cassens stated this is a band-aid solution and the district will continue to advertise for an English teacher.  Aesoph stated she wasn’t a huge fan of the E-Learning option.  Cassens said the current staff isn’t able to absorb these classes.

Open Forum.  No comments were made.


2017-18.12. Executive Session- Personnel. Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to go into executive session at 7:16 p.m. for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term "employee" does not include any independent contractor.  As set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(1).  All members voted aye.  Out of executive session at 7:47 p.m.


2018-19.13. Work Agreement. Motion by Aesoph, second by Weyand, to offer a 2018-19 work agreement to Ryan Melius as Asst. Girls Basketball Coach at $2,587.50 as per the Master Contract.  2018-19.14. Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to offer a 2018-19 work agreement to Nathan Aesoph as Asst. Wrestling Coach at $2,587.50 as per the Master Contract.  2018-19.15. Motion by Nelson, second by Kalkman, to offer a 2018-19 work agreement to Jeremy Demery as Junior High Cross Country Coach ($1,612.50) and 50% Web Page Designer ($806.25), total: $2,418.75, as per the Master Contract.  2018-19.16. Motion by Kalkman, second by Nelson, to offer a 2018-19 work agreement to Holly Demery as All School Play Advisor ($1,612.50), One Act Play Advisor at $1,612.50, and Oral Interpretation Advisor ($1,612.50), totaling $4,837.50, as per the Master Contract.  2018-19.17. Motion by Nelson, second by Kalkman, to offer a 2018-19 work agreement to Kayla Roseland as OCTE Aide to the Advisor at $1,612.50 as per the Master Contract.  2018-19.18. Motion by Aesoph, second by Nelson, to offer a 2018-19 work agreement to Mary Vetch as 50% Web Page Designer at $806.25 as per the Master Contract.  Unanimous on all motions.


2018-19.19. Adjournment. Motion by Aesoph, second by Nelson, to adjourn at 7:50 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

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Board Chairman, Jerry Weyand                                   Business Official, Lisa Hushka