June, 2015 Special Meeting

Faulkton Area School District 24-4 Board of Education

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
8:00 a.m.


            The regular meeting of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 Board of Education was called to order by Chairman Heather Bode at 8:03 a.m. in the office of the superintendent.

Roll call of members present were Kelly Aesoph, Heather Bode, Gary Bowar, and Grady Heitmann. Absent: Todd Brand.  Also present were Supt. Joel Price and Business Official Lisa Raethz.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


2014-15.167. Agenda Approval. Motion by Aesoph, second by Bowar, to approve the proposed agenda. All members voted aye.


2014-15.168.  Financial Approvals. Motion by Bowar, second by Heitmann, to approve payment of the presented bills for June 30, 2015.

June 2015 Imprest Fund: Chad Spicer $167.47 Reimb. for fuel, Faulk Co. Sheriff’s Office $15.00 fees, Highmore School $8.99 Region Track loss, Faulkton Drug $15.83 Supplies, Pantorium $150.20 Services, Liz Koens $35.00 Technology reimb., DCI $86.50 Fees, Teacher Pet $8.43 Supplies, Walmart $60.39 Supplies, Office Equipment $68.76  Supplies, Michelle Brand $15.00 Reimb. fee, Mo Schaefers $35.00 Technology reimb., Potting Shed $4.00 Supplies, Super 8 Beresford $179.98 Hotel, Joel Price $43.94 Supply Reimb.;


June 30, 2015 Bill Payment: Bantz, Gosch, Cremer, Peterson $132.00 Legal fees, Bauer’s Super Valu $107.94 Repairs, BerMac $91.10 Repairs, Cardmember Services $377.88 Technology Supplies, Center on Teaching & Learning $22.00 Supplies, Century Business $707.11 Copier Services, City of Faulkton $86.92 Utilities, Cole Papers $2,136.50 Supplies, Faulk Co. Record $739.00 Publishing & Supplies, Faulkton Area Medical Center $1,950.00 Services, Faulkton Hardware $8.99 Repairs, Faulkton School $894.49 Reimb. Imprest fund, Fink Plumbing $112.25 Repairs, GE Capital $503.46 Copier Lease, Hartford Steam Boiler $135.00 Services, Hauff Mid-American Sports $2,895.25 Supplies, Hillyard Floor Care $1,072.50 Supplies, Megan Hlavacek $125.00 Services, Janitor’s Closet $202.96 Supplies, Marc $463.58 Supplies, Matheson Tri-Gas $8.68 Services, McCrossan Boys Ranch $5,405.64 Services, NCFE $363.10 Gas, Northwestern Energy $1,703.09 Electricity, Oliver & Andy’s $1,009.60 Books, Pearson Education $28.79 Supplies, Praxair Distribution $123.66 Supplies, Quill $67.99 Supplies, Reliance Communications $699.75 Services, Reuer Sanitation $585.00 Services, Riddell $2,645.67 Supplies, School Specialty $946.57 Supplies, Schraeder Lawn Spraying $395.00 Services, SDACTE $549.00 Supplies & Registrations, Shiffler $990.17, Joseph Stanley $122.00 Services, Supreme $79.21 Supplies, Technology & Innovations $840.00 Fees, Training Room $1,546.69 Supplies, Twin City Roofing $14,280.00 Repairs,  Varsity Spirit Fashions $926.10 Uniforms, Venture Communications $160.59 Phone/Fax/Internet, Vowac Publishing $64.33 Supplies.  June 30, 2015 Payroll: General Fund: $994.42 w/ benefits, Food Service $2,446.76 w/ benefits, Pre-K/Driver Ed.: $4,198.35 w/benefits.


2014-15.169. Fund Transfer. Motion by Aesoph, second by Heitmann, to transfer $35,000.00 from the General Fund to the Food Service Fund as per 2014-2015 budget. Unanimous.


2014-15.170. Supplemental Budget Resolution. Motion by Aesoph, second by Bowar, to approved the following budget supplement resolution. Unanimous.

LET IT BE IT RESOLVED, by the School board of the Faulkton Area Schools District 24-4, in accordance with SDCL 13-11-3.2 and after duly considering the proposed supplemental budget, hereby approves and adopts the following supplemental budget in total:                             

Capital Outlay Fund Appropriations:             
21 2549 000 479         Maintenance Equipment                    $13,076.00

21 6900 000 479         Co-Curricular Equipment                    $  2,667.50

                                                            Total:                           $15,743.50

Capital Outlay Fund Means of Finance:

21 4151                       Federal Homeland Security Grant      $13,076.00

21 1990                       Other Misc. Income                            $  2,667.50

                                                            Total                            $15,743.50

Dated this 30th day of June, 2015.


Architect/Site Survey Agreement.  Mr. Price reviewed with the board the agreement with TSP for the site survey.  A conference call will be held this afternoon to explain the process in detail. This will include a schedule of events that will take place between now and the conclusion of the survey as well as the financial aspect.  TSP calculates the presentation of the site survey will be completed at the August board meeting. TSP would also be available for a public presentation at that time if the board desires. 

Policy Readings. Mr. Price read the following policies as a first reading:  Substitute Pay, Mileage & per diem Reimbursement, Co-Curricular Extra Duty Pay, Web Design Job Description, Elementary Absence Policy, Wellness Committee.  There was discussion and suggestions for the second reading. 


2014-15.171. Recess. Motion by Bowar, second by Aesoph, to recess at 8:31 a.m. until the TSP conference call at 2 p.m.  All in favor, motion carried.


Chairman Bode called the meeting back into order at 2:05 p.m. Roll call of members present were Kelly Aesoph, Heather Bode, and Todd Brand.  Absent: Gary Bowar and Grady Heitmann. Also present were Supt. Joel Price, Business Official Lisa Raethz, Jeremy Demery, Alicia Hammond, and Janet Reed.


TSP Conference Call. Rob Collins and Ron Halvorson, representing TSP, and Todd Christopherson and Shane Butler, representing Wenck Construction, were on the call.  Collins explained the overall project and then went on to the project schedule.  He gave an outline of dates and what to expect along the way as far as meetings, team discussions, and completion dates.   Completion of the site survey is estimated to be August 10th when TSP/Wenck Construction will give a report presentation to the board and public at two separate meetings.  The site analysis would include what expenses would incur if the district were to renovate the existing facility to bring it up to current standards, codes, and ADA compliance.  The analysis would also give other options as to replacing portions or the entire facility and the costs associated with that.  If the district would decide to move forward with new facility construction, an estimated completion date is the fall of 2017.  There was discussion on what specific spaces/rooms the district would like to see incorporated into a new facility.  Mr. Price stated he would like the kitchen/lunchroom area as part of the analysis.  A project budget was also discussed briefly.  The next meeting with TSP/Wenck Construction will be July 9th at 10 a.m.

2014-15.172. Adjournment. Motion by Aesoph, second by Brand, to adjourn at 3:17 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.




_______________________________________       _________________________________________

Board Chairman, Heather Bode                                             Business Official, Lisa Raethz