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1.       Association Leave

The board shall provide the Faulkton Education Association with two (2) days leave per year. The substitute teacher shall be selected and paid by the district. The Faulkton Education Association will reimburse the district the current, board-approved rates when a substitute is hired. The officers of the Faulkton Education Association shall regulate the use of the Association Leave with respect to member use and days involved. The Local Association will give the school district the courtesy of 5 days advance notice when leave is to be used.  (1986-87)    

2.       Emergency Leave

Two (non-accumulative) days may be granted to a teacher for family emergencies. (Teacher is responsible for payment of the substitute teacher and prior approval is a must.) Emergency leave is only to be used when personal leave has been exhausted.

3.       Personal Leave

Each teacher will receive four days personal leave each year. (1996-97) Any staff member who has exhausted all available personal leave and must take another day due to unforeseen circumstances or personal choice will be required to reimburse the district the cost of the 1/173rd of their contract.   Not more than three days may be used to extend a scheduled holiday.  For the personal days not used, the teacher will then receive $75.00 for each unused day (2009-2010). This payment will be included in their June check. (1995-96) The granting of this leave shall be subject to the obtaining of an adequate substitute and the teacher shall give reasonable advance notice to the appropriate Principal/Superintendent for the proposed leave dates. No reason for the leave need be given and the substitute teacher will be paid by the School District. If a coach or director and/or assistant wishes to attend the state tournament in his/her activity s/he will be granted one day non-accumulative free leave.

4.       Sick Leave

A teacher will receive ten days sick leave per year to be accumulated up to 75 days. (1999-2000) Leave can be used for sickness in immediate family. Immediate family is designated as wife, husband, children, grandchildren, parent, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law. (1994-95)  Sick leave shall include leave for death in immediate family. Immediate family for death is designated as father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, grandchildren, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law. (1994-95)  For situations when leave is exhausted or not appropriate for the Sick Bank, the teacher is responsible for payment of the substitute leave teacher at a rate to be determined by the Board of Education when full teaching/planning responsibility is needed for a long term substitute. (According to Codified Law). 

5.       Sick Leave Bank

A voluntary sick leave bank will be established by the district for full time certified personnel or for teachers who are less than full time. These teachers may use the same percentage of days from the bank as their less than full contract stipulates if the teacher has contributed the equivalent of one of their sick days to the bank. (Example (4/7) contract employee could be eligible for a maximum of 40 (4/7) days after contributing one of their sick leave days.). Such sick leave bank leave shall be inaugurated the first day of school provided that a minimum of 75% of the eligible personnel elect to become participants in the bank. Each participating person shall contribute one day of his/her sick leave per year to the bank, regardless of the number of days in the bank. The total number of days in the bank shall not exceed 120 days. (1991-92)  This pool is for the protection of individual participating members during long-term extended illness or disability causing an absence from regularly assigned duties which extends more than five (5) duty days beyond the number of sick leave days which an individual, participating member has accumulated. (There shall be only one five (5) day waiting period per illness or disability). Use of this pool will begin, with committee approval, on the sixth duty day after an individual’s accumulated sick leave days have been exhausted, at which time the participating member may draw up to 40 days of sick leave from the bank per school year. (1996-97) Use of pool days by participants shall be limited to the school year in which the illness or disability causing the long-term absence from regularly assigned duties began. Administration of the bank will be handled by the business office. All requests for use of the bank must be submitted in writing to the Sick Leave Bank Committee. This committee shall consist of three (3) teachers, the business manager, and the superintendent. The business manager and the superintendent shall be permanent members.  The teachers shall be elected each year at the opening meetings of the faculty and shall serve for one year unless re-elected to a second term. All requests for use of the Bank must be supported by a written statement from the applicant’s personal physician. The absence for which pool days are requested must be of such nature that absence is unavoidable during the school year and absence from duties is necessitated. This must be attested to by the physician in his/her statement. The committee shall then approve or deny the applicant’s request. Should loss of pay inadvertently occur through no fault of the applicant such loss shall be restored in the next pay period following approval of the request for use of pool days. Persons withdrawing days from the bank are not required to replace these days except as a regular contributing member in the bank. A person resigning, retiring, withdrawing from membership in the bank, or declining to make contributions as required, shall not be able to withdraw previously contributed days. Days in the bank shall be withdrawn on a first-come, first served basis, and if the total days in the bank are exhausted in any year, use of the bank is ended for that year. Unused days in the bank shall be carried over to the next succeeding school year. The Sick Bank enrollment form will be attached to each new contract when offered and returned with the contract. (1997-98)