May, 2018 Minutes

Faulkton Area School District 24-4 Board of Education

Monday, May 14, 2018
6:00 p.m.

The regular meeting of the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 Board of Education was called to order by Chairman Ryan Nelson at 6:00 p.m. in the Faulkton School Lunchroom.

Roll call of members present were Kelly Aesoph, BJ Kalkman, Scott McCloud, Ryan Nelson and Jerry Weyand.  Also present were Superintendent Derek Barrios, Secondary Principal Craig Cassens, Business Official Lisa Hushka, staff members: Jeremy Demery, Shayne Geditz, Shae Stephenson, Val Ramsdell from the Faulk Co. Record, Rory King (school attorney), Scott Sikkink and Dean Marske from HKG Architects, and the following district patrons: Linda Bartholomew, Marian Bartholomew, Gloria Bode, Angie Borstad, Tim Bowar, Michelle Brand, Dan Bray, Trevor Cramer, Carrie Deiter, Sandy Deiter, Larry Drobny, Jim Eldringhoff, Mike Grunewaldt, Troy & Stacy Hadrick, Gary & Leann Hardie, Tom & Judy Heller, Gary Holsing, Craig Huss, Terry & Bev Huss, Lori Kalkman, Jerry Kegler, Aaron Lorenzen, Cindy Kopecky, Stan & Jeanette McCloud, Tammy McCloud, Tom & Kris Meyer, Jamie Miller, Dave Nelson, Paul Niederbaumer, Jim Otter, John Pfeifer, Clint Rice, Alice Sangster, Bill & Barb Schilder, Brent & Carol Schilder, Joe Schilder, Dave Speck, Tom Strasburg, Carol Walker, Corrine Weyand, Jack Wilhelm.  The pledge of allegiance was recited.  


2017-18.142. Agenda Approval.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to approve the proposed agenda.  Unanimous.


Acknowledgements.  Chairman Nelson stated May 7-11 was Teacher Appreciation Week. He acknowledged and thanked all our teachers for all they do for our students.  Nelson said the board is proud of all of them and the work they do. 

Conflict of Interest.  No conflict of interest waivers were presented.

Open Forum Time.  1. Cindy Kopecky spoke to the board and stated she is aware that the district uses Capital Outlay (CO) funds to cover General fund (GF) expenditures.  She wondered, if the elementary remodel is completed using CO funds, will more Opt-out money need to be requested in order to pay for those GF expenditures? Kopecky would also like the board to let taxpayers know exactly what this will cost them.

2. Gloria Bode spoke to the board members and said when they took their oath of office to be on the board they promised to provide the best education to the students with the best use of tax dollars and that is not being done here.  Bode also stated that the board should have a consensus on a project like this as well as a master plan and let the taxpayers know the cost to them.  Bode stated the school staff was not in favor of this project and they are not being listened to.  Bode asked the board to please rescind the motion to continue with this project.

3. John Pfeifer spoke and said when a board member takes an oath it is basically a promise to represent all the patrons and students in this district and this board has chosen to take a narrow-minded short sided approach to the issue of this new school. Pfeifer said at all the meetings he has been at we continue to voice the same concern, even the teachers who are an integral part of this school have asked you to stop and you have ignored them.  He stated the board has failed to use the superintendent and he’s not sure how he is able to clean the wheel tracks off from being thrown under the bus so many times.  Pfeifer asked the board to rescind the motion from last month.

4.  Troy Hadrick stated he has tried to look at this issue like how he would run a business. He stated if he was going to take on a project that would require this amount of spending he would want the following things to happen: 1. Clear cut plan on how and what this is going to accomplish, 2. How this is going to work for our employees, 3. And how this is going to continue to function in 10-15-20-30 years down the road.  Hadrick stated when he looks at this remodel project he can’t see it, and there’s no master plan.  He said the board isn’t listening to the teachers who are the experts that could make this work well.  He wished the board would look at this as a whole and how the elementary and high school can function together.  He said if the teachers don’t want this project now, he can’t imagine they are going to want it 10-15 years in the future. Hadrick said you need to look at the learning environment and if we have teachers that don’t want it today how are we going to continue to get good teachers to come to our school. Hadrick asked the board to rescind the motion and develop a master plan that we can be proud of in the future. 

5. Linda Bartholomew stated one of the goal areas in the Faulkton School action plan was facilities. She said the stated goal is that the school district will develop a formal written 5-year facility plan that will drive the remodeling or replacement of existing facilities. Action steps were: 1. Organize a building committee with school board members, administration, and expertise from the community.  Bartholomew asked if this was done and who was on it? 2. Building committee to review area school districts to see what worked and did not. Bartholomew asked if the entire committee made those visits and how many schools did they visit? 3. Take input from staff about remodeling or rebuilding to ensure sure needs are met.  Bartholomew asked if the board had listened to the staff about any of the proposals they are looking at? 4. Request proposals for remodeling or rebuilding from multiple architects to receive a variety of ideas as well as the best financial proposal for the district. Bartholomew asked why only one architect firm had been consulted, and shouldn’t we be seeing proposals from other firms?  Bartholomew stated the board put together a strategic plan in order to get the consensus of the entire Faulkton area and they asked if you have really been listening.  Bartholomew said when it comes to remodeling or rebuilding the entire school board should be in agreement of a plan (a plan meaning 5-10-15 year). She said “Plan your work, then work your plan”. She urged the board not to rush into a building project that will have a huge impact on this wonderful community asked them to rescind the motion.

6. Dave Speck spoke to the school board stating it makes no difference what you do, you are never going to make everybody happy, whether it’s now or 5 years down the road. Speck said by putting it off more instead of making a decision now, it’s just going to be more fighting and arguing and he thinks this town has already been destroyed by it.  Speck told the board to do their job and do whatever they are going to do.

7. Bill Schilder asked Dean Marske (HKG) if this board had asked his opinion of this remodel, and if they had, what is your opinion of putting that much money into that old building?  Marske started to answer and Chairman Nelson directed Marske to answer that question once we get to that point in the agenda. 


2017-18.143. Minutes & Financial Approvals. Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to approve the following consensus agenda: minutes of the April 9, 2018 meeting, the April 27, 2018 special meeting, and the May 4, 2018 special meeting, April 2018 Financial Statement, April 2018 Imprest Report, and April 2018 Trust and Agency Fund Report; and payment of the presented bills for May 9, 2018.  Unanimous.


April 2018 Imprest Fund: Travel: Shayne Geditz $63, Derek Barrios $355.31, Dacotah Bank $2,085, Craig Cassens $109.55, Mary Schlechter $75, Melissa Hayes $169.30, Jeremy Demery $114.19, Alicia Hammond $75, Kari Haberling $75, Chase Casper $75, Chris Ulrich $135.93.

Fees: SDASSP $150, DWU $200, Potter County School $150, Redfield Kiwanis $100, Miller School $100, FCCLA $425, Bowdle Golf Course $40, Eureka Golf Course $30, Rolling Hills $70.

Supplies: Bauer’s Super Valu $26.44, SDHSAA $101.

Lunch Refunds: Carmen Brown $25.40, Brad Hanson $16.20.


May 14, 2018 Bill Payment: Aberdeen Awards $175 Supplies, Advance Ed. $900 Fees, Agtegra Coop. $242.62 Gas, American Legion $462 Fees, Balfour $7.75 Supplies, Dianne Baloun $175.20 Services, Bantz Gosch, Cremer , Peterson $1,041.71 Services, Bauer’s Super Valu $743.10 Supplies, BerMac $378.15 Repairs, BMI Educational Services $179.70 Supplies, BSN $680.49 Supplies, Cardmember Services $1,150.50 Supplies, Carolina Biological $89.55 Supplies, Century Business $464.96 Services, City of Faulkton $201.65 Water/Sewer, Cole Papers $677.02 Supplies, Dakotah Lodge $2,529.60 Travel, Delta Dental $2,817.98 Insurance, DustTex $258.60 Services, EAI Education $15.95 Supplies, Faulk Co. Record $342.99 Publishing, Faulkton School $4,766.32 Reimb. Imprest Fund, Follett School Solutions $4,146 Books, Marilyn Hadrick $153.36 Services, Hampton Inn & Suites $3,022 Travel, Hanson Construction $2,400.25 Supplies/Services, Holiday Inn Express $1,074.83 Travel, Homan Ace Hardware $192.15 Supplies & Repairs, House of Glass $406.08 Repairs, Inventables $2,160.83 Equipment, JW Pepper $10 Supplies, Johnson Controls $10,195.52 Repairs & Services, Jostens $89.19 Supplies, K&D Busing $25,382.53 Bus Contract, Michele Latt $118.24 Travel, McCrossan Boys Ranch $5,029.80 Tuition & Residential Services, Menards $25.92 Supplies, Nardini Fire Equip. $160 Services, Northern Plains $1,564.20 Propane, Northwestern Energy $2,775.55 Electricity, Platform Athletics $600 Software, Really Good Stuff $180.46 Supplies, Reliastar Life $23.40 Insurance, Reuer Sanitation $585.00 Services, Riddell $254.88 Supplies, Deb Roseland $171.84 Services, Kayla Roseland $577.09 Travel Reimb., SASD $1,929 Fees, Scholastic $60.71 Supplies, School Mate $544.50 Supplies, School Specialty $1,713.90 Supplies, SD Dept. of Health $330 Services, SDACTE $537 Fees & Supplies, SDHSAA $34 Fees & Supplies, Sheraton $1,371 Travel, Taylor Music $76 Supplies & Repairs, Tennant Electric $2,392.81 Repairs, Thrive Nutrition $12,744.38 Food Service Contract, Time Management Systems $43 Services, Toennies Plumbing $39.70 Repairs, Venture Communications $497.36 Phone/Fax/Internet, Wells Fargo $938.72 Copier Lease, Ted Williams $1,980.64 Services, Jill Wittmeier $105.84 Mileage Reimb., Wellmark $27,811 Health Insurance; May 2018 Payroll: General Fund: $176,926.05 w/ benefits, Special Ed. $25,053.09 w/ benefits, Food Service $2,502.74 w/ benefits, Pre-K & Driver’s Ed. $3,830.93 w/ benefits.  








Pre K &

T & A







Driv. Ed.


Beginning Balance








Beginning Cash
































Ending Balance








Ending Cash
























Food Program Reimb.








Lunch Sales








Pre-K Tuition








State of SD-State Aid








Dacotah Bank - Interest








Misc. Refunds/Reimb.








Yearbook Sales








Gym Passes








Rental Fees








Activity Passes/Gate Receipts








Birth to 3 Funding








Innovation Grant








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Faulk County








Total Receipts









HKG Building Discussion/Elementary Remodel.  Mr. Barrios stated the school attorney has advised the board that the district cannot enter into a contract obligating this kind of expenditure without passing the budget first, and the board should rescind the motion.  Barrios stated the other thing we have started to look at was forming the building committee that was outlined in the strategic plan and will talk more about that next.  Barrios said about $17,000 of the initial $25,000 that HKG was going to charge the district in order to get to the point of project bids has been used up, and the district is not to that point.  The money has been used to look at different building options. Barrios’ recommendation would be to step back from moving forward with spending any money at this time until we have discussion about the budget and what the board wants to pledge for before looking at remodeling this direction while the building committee is looking another direction. Barrios said he thinks we need to look at what the board, as a whole, is trying to accomplish in regard to our facilities.  Barrios said he asked Rory King (school attorney), Scott Sikkink and Dean Marske (HKG) to be here tonight to answer any questions the board has.  Barrios then turned it over to Marske and asked him what his recommendation would be moving forward and knowing the district cannot enter into a contract without a budget adopted first. Marske stated HKG has proposed they would still stick with the $25,000 and move forward with a master plan. He said the $1.7 million is a lot of money to commit to and spend, so right now he recommends putting the effort towards a master plan.  Board member McCloud questioned Marske and said that last month he said he was fine moving forward with the renovation.  Marske said that’s because HKG was asked to move forward with it, and originally they thought the vote was for a master plan.  Marske said if the board wanted to move forward with the renovation they would but they are under the assumption the money can’t be obligated until the budget is passed. McCloud said there is money in the building fund to get the project to bids. Hushka stated that money wasn’t budgeted for and a budget supplement would have to be done if this expense would be paid for in this fiscal year. Marske said the expense wouldn’t be in this fiscal year. Hushka then stated it would have to be put into the next budget and McCloud asked if a motion could be made to put the renovation expense into the next budget.  School Attorney, Rory King, stated the board needed to go through the budget process, where a preliminary budget is presented in May and a hearing is had in July.  Hushka told Mr. King that the school orders several CO expenditures before the actual budget is passed in order to receive these items before the next school year begins.  Hushka asked King if the difference between what he is telling the board and this example is the cost of the expenditure and King said that yes, it is the cost and the size of the expenditure. King stated the statutes prohibit that size of expenditure until the budget is adopted.  King then told McCloud the board could make a motion to put the expenditure into the budget. King stated the previous motion was to spend the money.  McCloud stated he didn’t know how to make the motion but when HKG was ok with it he decided to.  Marske said he didn’t think it was worded that way. Marske said they the architects and do what they are directed to do.  Marske said if the board is looking for their opinion he would say that there is a concern about spending $1.7 million on this project.  Marske said the initial renovation was $700,000, and once the $1.7 million was presented, a community meeting was held and there were concerns if spending this amount of money was a good use of money.  Marske stated this is definitely a concern for HKG without doing a master plan.   Marske said the master plan will answer that question of whether this is the best use of the money. Marske said he will do as directed, and it’s the board’s job to say how the money is spent, but he would feel more confident after a master plan is completed and community and staff input is considered.  Barrios stated the board could make a motion to budget said item in next year’s budget and King agreed.  Hushka then said she was asked by the budget committee to visit with Toby Morris (Dougherty & Company) and ask what amount he thought should be levied and when the project would need to be paid off.  Morris stated, in order not to pay any interest on the project, it would need to be paid off in November 2019. Morris said the district would have to levy the max of $2.3 million, in fiscals years 2019 and 2020, in order to have the money to pay off the project in November 2019.  Hushka explained this is due to the districts cash flow because large amounts of tax money are only received in the months of May and November.  Hushka said Morris is willing to meet with the board this week to talk more about this.  Hushka said Morris brought up that CO certificates could be issued for a 3-year term instead and the payment would be $600,000 a year.  Hushka stated this wasn’t an option because once the CO cap is in place CO already has $750,000 in expenditures and will capped at approximately $850,000 in revenue.  Weyand asked if a short term loan was looked into. King stated he hadn’t heard of other schools doing this but he didn’t think there were any laws prohibiting it.  The board agreed that the budget committee would meet with Morris this week to discuss.  Aesoph asked if the project amount could change and when would the foundation of the elementary building be looked at. Marske stated the board will be presented with a final plan and cost for approval before bids are let. Marske said the foundation will also be done before. Marske also informed Hushka that there will be some form of a credit for the $25,000 on the total project fees.  

Then, a motion was made by McCloud, seconded by Kalkman, to rescind motion #2017-18.128. stating: to enter into a contract with HKG for the 30-year Elementary fix, with an estimated budget of $1,658,880. Unanimous.  The board will wait to put anything else into the budget until the budget committee meets with Morris.


 Building Committee Formation & Expectations.  Barrios said he visited with the new Superintendent, Mr. Lepke, about this since he would be taking over this building committee. Some of the things they came up with were: 1. Follow the strategic plan of visiting surrounding school districts that have done recent remodels or new builds to see what has and hasn’t worked for them. 2. Work with HKG & Administration on a master facilities plan. 3. Find what needs to be considered in elementary remodels, and make sure it works with our master plan. 4. What things need to be considered with our education goals as far as expanding our CTE programs and make sure it’s fiscally responsible.  Barrios stated the committee will consist of administration, two board members, an elementary staff member and community members.  Barrios asked if there was any board feedback on this. Kalkman asked if the committee will meet once a month and Barrios stated that would be up to the committee. Kalkman also asked if the committee will be divided up and Barrios said that would also be up to the committee.  The board will need to formalize this committee and then set the expectations. Weyand asked if this could start before the budget was set and Barrios stated it could because HKG wouldn’t need payment until after July 1st and HKG wouldn’t need to be brought in right away. He thought there was enough the committee could do before HKG is brought in.  Marske agreed and said HKG would respond to whatever the committee has outlined. 


Preliminary Budget Discussion.  Capital Outlay-  Barrios stated Hushka and administration have been very busy over the last couple months working on the capital outlay budget and they also met with the Budget committee.  Barrios went through and explained each department in the capital outlay budget.  Actual expenditures are approximately $750,000, with $950,000 set aside for the building and $30,000 set aside for technology, totaling $1,730,713 right now.  Once the budget committee has met with Toby Morris the building set aside could change. Hushka received the go ahead from the board to start to order the following items: curriculum, technology equipment and software; co-curricular uniforms, nets, and mats; mower; cabinets, desks and chairs.

General Fund:  Hushka said once all negotiated agreements are passed, she can start plugging in more accurate numbers so we will know exactly where we are in each fund.  Hushka said the general fund need increase from the state will account to approximately $60,000 more for next school year. This takes into consideration the 6 student increase for next year.  The district has about $192,000 less in the general fund than last year at this time.  Hushka stated last year’s balance was a little higher then she wanted in order to comply with the new general fund cap law.  Hushka stated from what she can see, the district will comply with that law without a problem in fiscal year 2018.  Hushka said the district will continue to have to play with the numbers in regard to the amount requested in Opt-out funds and the timing of the transfers between funds due to this cap law.  The reason for this is because most of our revenue is received from local taxes only 2 months out of the year and this makes cash flow difficult if enough money isn’t requested.  Hushka stated she thought the opt out request would be similar to last years. 

Special Ed. Fund:  Hushka stated, besides the new special education teacher expense and negotiated salary increases, she cannot foresee any significant changes in funding or expenses in this fund.  Hushka stated the district always budgets high in this fund for unforeseen expenses.  Food Service Fund:  Hushka told the board that the fund balance is down a little bit compared to last year and this is due to the colony schools not participating in the federal reimbursement program.  Hushka said she does not foresee any major expenditure increases but will need to budget for a slight increase from the food service company because that will increase again this year.  Pre-K & Dr. Education Fund- Both revenues and expenditures are both up this current school year due to the large increase in students and the addition of a Preschool teacher.  Next school year the expenditures should remain pretty much the same but the transfer from the general fund will be more due to not charging preschool tuition.  Hushka reminded the board that with the addition of junior kindergarten, the school will now receive funding for these students in the general fund to counteract the decrease in preschool revenue. 

2017-18.145. School Board Election Canvass.  Motion by Kalkman, second by McCloud, to approve the official canvass for the school board election on April 10th, 2018. Canvass verified the following: Kelly Aesoph 498, and Thomas G. Edgar 260. All members voted aye except Aesoph who abstained.  Motion carried.  Unanimous. 

2017-18.146. Boy’s Basketball T&A Account.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to create a fund called “Boy’s Basketball” in the Trust and Agency account. Unanimous.

2017-18.147. Psychologist Agreement. Motion by Aesoph, second by Weyand, to approve the agreement with Ted Williams for psychology services for the next school year.  Unanimous.


2017-18.148. Dept. of Health. Motion by McCloud, second by Kalkman, to approve the agreement for services with the Department of Health for the next school year.  Unanimous. 


2017-18.149. Kindergarten Aide.  Mr. Barrios stated the kindergarten class of 20-24 students will need an aide for the next school year.  Motion was made by Weyand, seconded by Aesoph, to advertise for the position.  Unanimous.  Currently the aide will be a general fund expense but could possibility turn into a special education expense.


2017-18.150. SDHSAA Ballots.  Motion by McCloud, second by Kalkman, to vote the following ways on the SD High School Activities Association Official Election Ballot:  Craig Cassens from Faulkton for Division IV Principal, Dr. Jerry Rasmusssen from Dakota Valley High School for Division III Representative, Dr. Paul Turman from Pierre for Large School Group Board of Education Representative, and Yes on Amendment No. 1, which changes the language regarding the transfer of students within specific districts.  Unanimous.


2017-18.151. JH Cross Country Coach.  Mr. Geditz, Athletic Director, explained after implementing cross country as a club sport, there are 6 junior high students and 3 high school students interested in the program.  He recommended adding junior high cross country to the program and hire a junior high coach.  High school cross country would remain a club sport right now. Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to add junior high cross country and add a JH Cross Country Coach to the co-curricular schedule, effective starting the next school year. Unanimous.

Secondary Principal’s Report.  Emergency Management Recommendations. Mr. Cassens’ stated the following were recommendations for the school property: 1. Propane tank fence update, 2. Fencing around the tennis courts, 3. Storage of spare desks and interactive white boards, 4. Securing the phone/fire alarm/control panel inside the main entrance, 5. Naming and identification of all entrances/exits, 6. Complete playground fencing, 7. Shatter-proof glass or similar treatment for windows in admin. hallway.  Computer Course.  Cassens stated JH and HS schedules are almost finalized for next year.  Cassens said the district is exploring an option to expand our current computer course offering to better reflect current and future job trends in the field of Information Technology.  Cassens stated Jeremy Demery could apply for an alternative certification in this field and then become an instructor.  Cassens said the administration felt confident this would not penalize our technology department.  School Calendar.  Cassens explained to the board the difficulties in scheduling/warehousing junior high students during the last 2 days of school when there is a different schedule for high school semester tests. Junior high students are not required to take semester tests, however, they share the same teachers as the high school students. Cassens would like to propose that junior high students be released with the majority of high school students, who don’t have to take semester tests, on May 16th.  The board did not have a problem with this. 

Open Forum.  1. Mike Grunewaldt stated he is extremely disappointed in the speakers who trashed our elected school board members. He said it is not cool. Grunewaldt told Hadrick, Bode, Bartholomew and Pfeifer that they missed the most important thing and that is that they were overwhelmingly elected, and because of this aliening and bashing how can anyone request or ask the help of these members or majority in the future. Grunewaldt mentioned, in particular, the next opt out being passed again if you have alienated or bashed the majority.
2. Linda Bartholomew stated she would like to see a unified school board and thinks it is very important in every decision that is made for the future of the school district.
3. Gloria Bode stated that when you are elected and you have taken your oath of office, it doesn’t matter whether you were elected by 1 vote or 300 votes, you are charged with representing the school system, and she doesn’t think that’s happening in this situation.  She stated there has been enough people talk, including HKG and the attorney. Bode said we need a process, there is a process the state has for this kind of thing, and we haven’t been following it.  She said she thinks we are getting closer, but we aren’t there yet. 
4. Tim Bower stated it has been mentioned several times about wanting a school to be proud of, but the most important thing we should be proud of is the students that come out of this school.  Bowar said it doesn’t matter nearly as much what the building looks like, as the character of the people that come out of this school.  Bowar said we can go a longs ways towards fostering the correct character if we show the students how we deal with disagreements as adults. Bowar stated name calling, bickering, and setting a really poor example for our young people doesn’t give them a great deal to be proud of right now. He said we can disagree with a lot of stuff and do it on a much more civil basis than has happened so far. Bowar said he’s not real proud to talk to his students at home and say this is how he wants them to act when they are adults. Bowar stated he would like to see the anger toned down a bit, and realize we are people and going to see things differently, but anger shouldn’t be our first response.
5.  Kris Meyer then spoke and thought the school should look at the school calendar and completing the year before region track.  Meyer said then we wouldn’t have to worry about it for staff or students and would like it to be considered.
6. Craig Huss stated we are just a small community and pretty strong. He said Faulkton is doing really well and have a lot of good things going for them. He stated he would hate to see the school district divide the town.  He said you want to put a lot of money into an old school, and it’s still going to be an old school with a bunch of money in it.  Huss stated the technology is what the kids need and it just doesn’t make sense. Huss said that farmers can do a farm plan and come within $5/acre, making it or breaking it. He said that if $5 is going to break you, then you are broke and you don’t even know it.  He said we need to keep moving ahead, not backwards.
7.  Terry Huss asked if there was a change in the budget amount from $1.6 million to $2.3 million.  Hushka stated the $2.3 million was the maximum amount the CO fund could levy. Huss asked how the school can budget when they don’t know what it’s going to cost. He asked if we are just going to estimate and then whatever it comes in at go with that. Huss asked why we were going to budget $2.3 million when the project only costs $1.7 million. Both Barrios and Hushka stated that only half of the $2.3 million will be received in fiscal year 2019 and half in 2020, and in order to pay for the project in November 2019 that amount would need to be budgeted for. Huss wanted to know what this is going to cost him.  Barrios stated the board is far from knowing that right now. Barrios explained that the committee is going to look at other schools and bring ideas to HKG so costs can be obtained. Huss asked if the board was going to look at all costs across the state. Barrios stated the board has decided to move forward with HKG so that’s that only price they are getting. Huss asked if HKG are the only people that can do this and Barrios said no. 
8. Craig Huss asked if it was illegal to only get costs from HKG. Hushka stated the district is not required to get proposals from architects but the project itself must be let for bids.

Barrios informed patrons that if they have any more questions regarding this they should come in and talk with school administration. Hushka stated if questions are on whether or not the school should go forward with this project, they should talk to the school board members on this.

2017-18.152. Executive Session-Personnel/Negotiations.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to go into executive session at 7:51 p.m. for the purpose of preparing for contract negotiations or negotiating with employees or employee representatives, as set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(4), and for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term "employee" does not include any independent contractor, as set forth in SDCL 1-25-2(1).  Out of executive session at 9:30 p.m. 

2017-18.153. Negotiated Master Contract. Motion was made by Aesoph, seconded by Kalkman, to accept the 2018-2019 Negotiated Master Contract with FEA and the Faulkton Area Schools 24-4 effective for the 2018-2019 school year. Unanimous.  

2017-18.154. Administrative Negotiated Agreement. Motion by Kalkman, second by Weyand, to approve the amended administrative negotiated agreement effective July 1, 2018. Unanimous.

2017-18.155. Special Education Director. Motion by Kalkman, second by McCloud, to amend Michele’s Latt’s Special Education Director’s salary to $12,360 for the 2018-2019 school year. Unanimous.

2017-18.156. Contract Amendment- Assistant Golf Coach. Motion by Weyand, second by McCloud, to amend Kyle Erdahl’s 2017-2018 contract to add Assistant Golf Coach in the amount of $1,831.50 (Total contract: $41,250 – BA Step 1 $36,900; Asst. BBB $2,518.50, Asst. Golf $1,831.50) as per the Master contract and prorated.  Unanimous.


2017-18.157. Special Education Teacher.  Motion by Aesoph, second by Kalkman, to offer a contract to Alex Alspach as a Special Education Teacher on a BA Step 3 salary of $38,700 according to the 2018-2019 Negotiated Master Contract. Unanimous.

2017-18.158. Lane Change-Shae Stephenson.  Motion by Aesoph, second by McCloud, to move Shae Stephenson’s 2018-19 contract from a MA Step 9 to a MA+15 Step 9.  Unanimous. 

2017-18.159. Resignation- Hubbell.  Motion was made by Kalkman, seconded by Aesoph, accept Voni Hubbell’s resignation as JH & HS English teacher and FB Cheer Advisor, effective at the end of this school year.   Unanimous.


2017-18.160. Resignation- Casper/Web page design.  Motion was made by Kalkman, seconded by Aesoph, accept Chase Casper’s resignation for Web Page Design effective at the end of this school year.   Unanimous.


2017-18.161. Resignation- Crum.  Motion was made by McCloud, seconded by Weyand, accept Dennis Crum’s resignation as full-time janitor, effective 8/31/18.   Unanimous.


2017-18.162. Assistant Volleyball Coach.  Motion was made by Weyand, seconded by Aesoph, to add the Assistant Volleyball Coach position to Vanessa Bowman’s 2018-2019 contract at a salary of $2,846.25 according to the Master Contract.  Unanimous.


2017-18.163. Junior High Volleyball Coach.  Motion was made by Kalkman, seconded by Aesoph, to add the Junior High Volleyball Coach position to Shae Stephenson’s 2018-2019 contract at a salary of $1,773.75 according to the Master Contract.  Unanimous.


2017-18.164. Head Girls Basketball Coach.  Motion was made by Weyand, seconded by McCloud, to add the Head Girl’s Basketball Coach position to Chase Casper’s 2018-2019 contract at a salary of $3,787.50 according to the Master Contract.  Unanimous.


2017-18.165. Classified Personnel. Motion by Kalkman, second by McCloud, to offer Work Agreements to the following Classified Personnel: Janet Reed, Dennis Crum, William Becker, Kim Holt, Pam Hutchinson, Maria Azevedo, Tiffany Ogle, Robin Young, Jeremy Demery, and Mary Vetch. Unanimous.

2017-18.166. Temporary Summer Maintenance.
Motion was made by Kalkman, seconded by Weyand, to hire Jack McCamly as a temporary maintenance assistant at $10.25/hour. Unanimous.  

Sped. Summer Extended Services.  2017-18.167. Motion by Aesoph, second by McCloud, to approve hiring Shae Stephenson as a Special Education teacher at $32.76/hour for June, and $35.45/hour for July and August; and to hire her at $24.84 per session and $11.18 per travel unit for early education services.  2017-18.168. Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to approve hiring Michele Latt at $70.24/per session for feeding therapy, $27.04 per session for speech language, and $11.53 per travel unit.  Unanimous on all motions.

2017-18.169. Title Services.  Motion by Aesoph, second by McCloud, to hire Kyle Erdahl at an hourly rate of $29.52, Melissa Geditz at an hourly rate of $39.31, and Wanda Reid at an hourly rate of $35.68, as Title I teachers for July 2018. Unanimous.

 2017-18.170. Adjournment.  Motion by Kalkman, second by Aesoph, to adjourn at 9:38 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

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Board Chairman, Ryan Nelson                                    Business Official, Lisa Hushka