Open Gym

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The Faulkton Board of Education and staff recognize the importance of allowing additional time for athletic and fitness improvement during the off-season.  The Faulkton Area Schools will follow this policy in the use of the school auditorium, weight room, and multi-purpose room.

1.      The school facility is to have a Faulkton Area School staff member present when students and others are using the facility unless permission from the superintendent has been received prior to use.

2.      Faulkton Area School staff members are not to “loan” their keys and/or electronic keycard to non-school persons.

3.      All Faulkton Area School students are to be encouraged to attend open-gym.

4.      Coaches and advisers are not to use open-gym as practices.

5.      Attendance at open-gym shall not be mandatory for any student.

6.      All school materials and equipment shall be left in the condition as were found.

7.      It is permissible to arrange for open-gym anytime school is not in session; including over the summer, vacations, after school, weekends, and on storm days as long as it does not interfere with another school activity.