Pre-K Reimbursement for Inclement Weather (October, 2013)

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The Board will provide a method for parents or guardians for Pre-K students for reimbursement in cases of both inclement weather and class dismissal, or the lack of a teacher due to a illness or other unforeseen reasons.

These methods will provide for one of the following:

1.To reimburse for services paid for the in advance but not accessed by students due to inclement weather or teacher absence and provide for reimbursement in full for the days missed at the end of the school calendar;            

2.To allow the student or students to complete the balance of the school year with the fee waived by the board in the same dollar amount as days missed prior to May 1st of the school year; or

3. To allow the parent or guardian the opportunity to transfer the remaining funds to any other school related account to reduce a balance in a particular account.

4. A letter will be sent to parents or guardians of Pre-K students prior to May 1st of the school year alerting them to the number of days missed due to inclement weather or teacher absence and the remainder of the fee for the Pre-K services, if any, to be paid by May 1st for the services remaining in the school year. (July, 2013)