Reduction in Force/Recall

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When, in the judgment of the Board of Education, it is advisable to reduce staff of the Faulkton Area Schools, the following procedures will be used:

1.      The Board will use reasonable efforts to communicate the situation confronting the district to staff so as to allow the staff a reasonable opportunity to present possible alternatives, such as early retirement, normal attrition, part-time contracts, contracts for substitute teaching, and/or other alternatives, which could accomplish the same goals.

2.      The Board shall use the following criteria,  in no particular order, to determine which professional staff is affected by staff reduction:

a.      Student needs

b.      Financial condition of the district

c.       Priority of programs

d.      Program elimination

e.       Recommendations of administration

f.       Federal and state requirements

g.      Certification

h.      Longevity

i.        Educational background

j.        Evaluations

k.      Recency of experience in duty or curricular assignment

l.        Recency of certification in duty or curricular assignment

3.      In making staff reductions involving professional staff members on continuing contract status, the Board will follow provisions of South Dakota Codified Law.

4.      If, during the first fiscal year subsequent to the time a continuing contract teacher is laid off because of reduction in force and a vacancy occurs in an area the teacher is qualified to teach, re-employment shall be extended to the teacher in reverse order of the lay-off.  When more than one staff member has the same recall date and is qualified for the open position, the board will consider, but not be limited to, recommendations of the administration, qualifications, years of service, and educational background in making the selection.

5.      Recall privileges cease when a staff member resigns.  Recall privileges cease if upon being recalled, the staff member fails to report within 20 days after mailing of written notice of recall.  (Written notice shall be sent by certified mail).  Recall privileges will not apply to teachers under contract with another school district unless that recall is for anticipated positions in the ensuing year.