School Board Power and Duties

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Under the laws of South Dakota, the School  Board acts as the governing body of the public schools with full powers of direction and control. The board derives its authority from the State legislature and will function within the framework of State  and  Federal  laws  and  regulations,  court  decisions,  and  attorney  general opinions.

Recognizing  the  authority  of  the  State,  the  board  considers  the  following  its
general functions:

  1. To select and employ a superintendent of schools and support him/her in the performance of responsibilities.
  2. To formulate and enact policy and to delegate the application of policies to the  superintendent  and  his/her  staff,  who  will  be  held  responsible  for effective administration and supervision of the entire school system.
  3. To  provide  for  planning,  expansion,  improvement,  financing, construction, and maintenance of the physical plant of the school system.
  4. To  establish  and  maintain  records,  accounts,  archives,  management methods and procedures incidental to the conduct of school business.
  5. To  approve  the  budget,  financial  reports,  audits,  major  expenditures, payment  of  obligations,  and  policies  that  enable  the  administration  to formulate regulations and other guides for the orderly accomplishment of business.
  6. To  estimate  and  levy  taxes  for  the  operation,  support,  maintenance, improvement, and extension of the school system.
  7. To adopt courses of student and provide instructional materials.
  8. To employ support and certified personnel to carry out school programs and provide fair and equitable compensation.
  9. To evaluate the educational program to determine the effectiveness with which  the  schools  are  achieving  the  educational  purpose  of  the  school system.
  10. To  provide  for  the  dissemination  of  school  district  information  to  the public and maintain open lines of communication with the community.