School Vehicles and Parking

Teacher Handbook 2015-16

If a school vehicle is required for transportation by you, other staff personnel, or students, please use the following procedure:

1.      Obtain a transportation request from the mail room.

2.      Complete request and place in office at least one week in advance of date of trip.

3.      The transportation coordinator will confirm arrangements with the staff member. 

4.      Pick up clipboard (keys, gas card, and vehicle log) from Main Office.  

5.      Before leaving with school vehicle, fill out destination, driver, odometer reading, etc. on vehicle log on corresponding date.

6.      Fill in gallons of fuel if filled other than at school pumps during travels and attach receipt and voucher.

7.      Upon returning, fill out odometer reading, fill at designated pump station, and record gallons of fuel required. 

8.      After returning home, vehicle and windshield should be left clean and then returned to parking area in bus barn.

9.      Shut and lock all doors before leaving bus garage premises.

10.  Return clipboard to Main Office immediately following trip and report any difficulties or damage to vehicle.

11.  Staff members may park personal vehicle in stall where suburban or car is kept but should not park in bus area or near fuel barrel. 

12.  Staff members must plan ahead and request transportation, if you do not request at least one day in advance you may not be able to use a school vehicle.  


Staff Parking


These are the areas designated for staff parking:

1.      West of the multipurpose room.

2.      South of the main building in designated areas

3.      Subject to change with prior notice for Community Center events or other unscheduled activities with Board and/or Administration approval.