Secondary Teachers

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Infinite Campus:

1.      Post attendance every period/day as required

2.      Have grades properly posted weekly to assist parents and students in following their progress throughout the quarter/semester

3.      Keep information correct, current and notify office of any changes as necessary

Excused/Unexcused Absences and Tardies:

1.  Excused absences are absences from school by students in which the

     parent/guardian has notified the classroom teacher or office in writing or orally. 

     In general, the following reasons for being absent are:

·         Student illness

·         Death or serious illness in the family

·         Funeral of relatives or close friends

·         Working for parents

·         Teachers will not admit a tardy student to class unless the student has an admittance signed by the principal or other designated teacher.

·         The procedures for excusing absences, making up work, and proper student accounting will be set by the principal. 

Progress Reports:

1.      At the beginning of the first and second semesters (first and third nine weeks) the student will have a three week period before the teachers will post their grades to check and see if students are eligible for extracurricular activities.  After that three week period the grades will be posted every two weeks and the eligibility will be checked until the next semester begins.  If a student has one F the student will be declared ineligible for the activity or activities in which they are participating.

2.      The grades will be posted by the teachers that Thursday night before the next eligibility period begins.  Then Friday morning the grades will be printed off by the high school principal/Athletic Director.

3.      If there is any student who is ineligible the high school principal will inform the coach and any extra-curricular participant that they are ineligible for the next two weeks.  During that two week period the student(s) will have the opportunity to bring up their grades to become eligible once the grades are checked again.  A student’s ineligibility will begin the following Monday and go until the grades are checked again.  If the student becomes eligible again at the next posting he/she will be able to participate again on the following Monday.

***Even though a student is found ineligible that Friday, he/she will be able to participate in that weekend’s activities.  The student will become ineligible the following Monday.

4.      If a student is ineligible for two weeks they may continue to practice with their team, but are not allowed to suit up for any game or perform in any extra-curricular activity.

5.      If a student has an F in two of their classes at semester break, they will be ineligible for the whole semester.  This is not only in accordance with Faulkton School guidelines, but also the South Dakota High School Activities Association guidelines as well.

6.      If a student is ineligible for a two week period and has a study hall, he/she will have his/her study hall privileges restricted.  This means that a copy of who is ineligible will also be given to those who watch over the students in study hall.

7.      Lastly if a student is found to be ineligible at the end of the fourth quarter, his/her ineligibility will be enforced at the beginning of the next nine weeks.

8.      Keep grades current on Infinite Campus so that parents and students can check their grade(s) weekly.

Grades/Grading Scale:

All high school students are required to take 1st semester tests.  Those students who have been absent over 5 days in either semester during the school year are required to take 2nd semester tests. Three tardies equal on absence for the purposes of attendance and final tests. 

Semester grades are figured as follows: 

  1. 43% allocated per each quarter  (example) 43%+43% =86%
  2. 14% allocated for semester test  
  3. Total grade (example) 86% from quarter grades + 14% = 100%
Grading Scale

100%    =  A+                 99-96% =  A                95-94% =  A-

93-92% =  B+                91-88% =  B                87-86% =  B-

85-84% =  C+                83-81% =  C                80-78% =  C-

77-76% =  D+
                75-73% =  D                72-70% =  D-
Below 69% =F


    An incomplete shall be made up within a two-week period.  Failure to make up an incomplete will result in a failing grade for the subject area.  Parents shall be notified of the incomplete.  Students missing school due to an accident or a prolonged illness may request an extension of the two-week period.