Staff Insurance

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An employee, salaried or hourly, that works 36 hours or more per week may be covered by the school’s group medical insurance plan.  The Faulkton Area Schools will pay the single employee’s premium with an annuity payment per negotiated agreement.  Employees electing to obtain family coverage shall pay the difference in premium cost of what the district pays per negotiated agreement and shall authorize employer to deduct said amount from employee’s monthly salary payment.

Premiums will be paid through the last day of the month of August.  Upon termination of employment, the employee may elect to continue the insurance coverage through a conversion plan if he/she pays own premium.


Any new annuity accounts will be limited to two choices: Supplemental State Retirement and Dacotah Bank account.

Dental Insurance

The board would cover full single dental insurance for each certified staff member. The policy choice lies with the certified staff. The current policy is Delta Dental.  Each staff member will continue to have the option to purchase family coverage.           

Flexible Benefit Plan

The board shall provide a Flexible Benefit Plan (according to IRS Section 125) for each certified staff member. The board will pay up to $5/month (for administrative costs only) for each certified staff member. The choice of plan shall be by mutual agreement of representatives of the board and of the certified staff.  

Medical Insurance

The choice of insurance carrier lies with the certified staff.  The company chosen is SD School District Benefits Fund administered by Avera. The school district’s contribution for insurance will be $540/month * 12 months.  Any remaining amount may be applied toward other insurance or annuities. The employee must notify the business official of deductible changes by December 15 for changes to become effective January 1. An insured employee with the school’s group insurance will have a right to vote on decisions concerning insurance.