Student Handbook - Eligibility


1. At the beginning of each quarter the student will have a three week period before the teachers will post their grades to check and see if students are eligible for extracurricular activities.  After that three week period the grades will be posted every two weeks and the eligibility will be checked until the next semester begins.  If a student has one F the student will be declared ineligible for the activity or activities in which they are participating.

2. The grades will be posted by the teachers that Thursday night before the next eligibility period begins.  Then Friday morning the grades will be printed off by the high school principal/activities director. 

3. If there is any student who is ineligible the high school principal will inform the coach and any extra-curricular participant that they are ineligible for the next two weeks.  During that two week period the student(s) will have the opportunity to bring up their grades to become eligible once the grades are checked again.  A student’s ineligibility will begin the following Monday and go until the grades are checked again.  If the student becomes eligible again at the next posting he/she will be able to participate again the following Monday. 

Even though a student is found ineligible on that Friday, he/she will still be able to participate in that weekend’s activities.  The student will become ineligible the following Monday.

4. If a student is ineligible for two weeks they may continue to practice with their team, but are not allowed to suit up for any game or perform in their extra-curricular activity.

5. If a student is ineligible for a two week period and has a study hall, he/she will have his/her study hall privileges restricted.  This means that a copy of who is ineligible will also be given to those who watch over the students in study hall.

6. Music events such as concerts, pep band, full group contests, and other required performances will also not be counted as school functions since they are part of the curriculum and credit is given. However, music events separate from what is the minimum requirement for all students will be counted as school functions.


Ineligible students may continue to practice in an activity, with the approval of the director of the activity. No student will be permitted to practice until he/she has had a physical examination, and has presented the physical slip to the athletic director.  A student needs a Faulkton Area Schools physical exam done by a physician every three (3) years.   All eligibility regulations shall apply to junior high activities as well as high school activities. In addition to the above regulations, all rules set forth by the SDHSAA must be enforced.