Student Handbook Homelessness Policy

Faulkton Area Schools District Policy on Enrollment, Transportation, School of Origin, and the Elimination of Barriers for Children or Youth Experiencing Homelessness including Unaccompanied Youth.

The Faulkton Area Schools District policy is to:

          ensure the immediate enrollment of children or youth experiencing homelessness until all enrollment records may be secured,             i.e. academic records, medical records, proof of residency, or other documentation.

           keep a child or youth experiencing homelessness in the school of origin, except when doing so is contrary to the wishes of the             child’s or youth’s parent or guardian.

           ensure the elimination of stigmatization or segregated services and the elimination of other identified barriers for homeless                 children and youth.

           provide children or youth experiencing homelessness with services comparable to services offered to other students in the                     school including the following:

                                   Transportation services.

           Educational services for which the child or youth meets the eligibility criteria, such  services provided under Title I of the                     Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 or similar State or local programs, educational programs for children with             disabilities, and educational programs for students with limited English proficiency.

                                   Programs in vocational and technical education.

                                   Programs for gifted and talented students.

                                   School nutrition programs.