Student Handbook Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

            POLICY:  It is the district's policy that sexual harassment is illegal, unacceptable and shall not be tolerated; that no employee or student of the school district may sexually harass another. Any employee or student will be subject to disciplinary action including possible termination for violation of this policy.

            DEFINITION:  Any unwelcome sexual advances, solicitation or sexual activity by promise of rewards, coercion of sexual activity by threat of punishment, verbal sexist remarks, or physical sexual assaults constitute sexual harassment. This conduct has the effect of

unreasonably interfering with an individual's academic or work performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive employment or educational environment regardless of intent.

            RESPONSIBILITY: School district officers, employees and students are responsible for maintaining a working and learning environment free from sexual harassment.

Workshops and activities may be provided by the school district to explain the policy and laws. Careful scrutiny will be undertaken of all allegations of sexual harassment. False allegations that are malicious or ill founded may constitute libel or slander. Copies of the policy will be available at all administrative offices.

            COMPLAINTS:  Employees and students who believe they have been or are being sexually harassed should inform the individual that his/her behavior is unwelcome, offensive or inappropriate. In the event such behavior continues, the student or employee should discuss the incident(s) with the supervisor and keep a record of the discussion and the incidents leading up to the discussion. Include dates, times, places, witnesses, and any notes or letters or other materials. If the immediate supervisor is involved in the activity, the violation should be reported to the supervisor’s immediate supervisor. Students should report such incidents to the guidance counselor and/or the responsible administrator.

            INVESTIGATION:  After receiving a verbal or written report, the supervisor shall conduct an investigation and make written recommendation within fourteen (14) working days to the Superintendent. The recommendation will contain the validity of the charges and what action, if any, should be taken to resolve the complaint.

            Action may, but shall not be required to include progressive discipline up to and including termination, probation, suspension or expulsion, and/or counseling or other rehabilitation effort. If an employee or student files a written complaint because of dissatisfaction with the handling of the complaint, he or she may utilize any applicable grievance procedure.

            PROHIBITION AGAINST RETALIATION:   The District strictly prohibits retaliation against any employee or student because he or she has made a report of alleged sexual harassment or against any employee or student who has testified, assisted, or participated in the investigation of a report. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to, any form of reprisal or adverse pressure, including the accused discussing the allegations directly with the accuser except where such discussion has been arranged and facilitated by the Title IV Coordinator. Retaliation is itself a violation of federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination and may lead to separate disciplinary action against the offender.