Student Handbook Character Counts

Character Counts

            These six core ethical values form the foundation of the Character Counts Initiative and are the basis for the Philosophy of Discipline of the district.  For more information visit


                       Be honest

                       Don’t deceive, cheat or steal

                       Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do

                       Have the courage to do the right thing

                       Build a good reputation

                       Be loyal — stand by your family, friends and country


                       Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule

                       Be tolerant of differences

                       Use good manners, not bad language

                       Be considerate of the feelings of others

                       Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone

                       Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements


                       Do what you are supposed to do

                       Persevere: keep on trying!

                       Always do your best • Use self-control

                       Be self-disciplined • Think before you act — consider the consequences

                       Be accountable for your choices


                       Play by the rules

                       Take turns and share

                       Be open-minded; listen to others

                       Don’t take advantage of others

                       Don’t blame others carelessly


                       Be kind

                       Be compassionate and show you care

                       Express gratitude

                       Forgive others

                       Help people in need


                       Do your share to make your school and community better


                       Get involved in community affairs

                       Stay informed; vote

                       Be a good neighbor

                       Obey laws and rules

                       Respect authority

                       Protect the environment

            A student may be sent to the principal’s office for the following reasons, but the staff member reserves the right to also send students for other offensive behaviors:

            1.         Misbehavior in an extra class such as music, computer, band, guidance, etc. that results in the teacher sending the student back to their regular classroom.

            2.         Physical or verbal fighting on the playground or in the school building.

            3.         Inappropriate language/or gestures as determined by the school staff member present.

            4.         Violation of a playground rule such as throwing rocks or snowballs.

            5.         Violation of rules in place at home athletic contests.

            6.         Misbehavior on the bus, or a violation of the bus rules.

            A student will be given two warnings when sent to the principal’s office. These trips to the office will be documented with a note to the parents of the child informing them of the behavior of the student and the incident will then be recorded on the DDN Campus Parent Portal. On the student’s third trip to the office for misbehavior, the parent will be called and the student’s incident will also be recorded on the DDN Campus Parent Portal. After three trips, any ensuing trip to the office will result in an in school suspension. An in-school suspension will mean that the student will receive no better than a 69% on all work completed for that day.