Student Handbook Detention

Detention will be issued by teachers or administrators. The teacher may assign up to three detention periods for an offense. More than three detentions may be assigned on approval of the principal. A student who fails to show up for detention will automatically on the first offense receive additional detentions. On the second offense of not showing up for a detention, a student may be suspended in/out of school. If a third offense should result, the student will be presented to the school board for expulsion.

            The following rules are to be followed by students on detention:

            1.         Students must bring work to do while at detention.

            2.         Detentions will be served either mornings or after school only when school is

                        in session.    

           3.         Detention times will be assigned at the teacher’s discretion and convenience. No detention will have to be served the same day the                            slip is issued unless the slip is issued for a previous day’s skipped detention. This gives the student opportunity to inform his/her                                parents that they will have to arrange transportation. Not having a way home will not be a defense for not serving a detention and                                failure to stay will only result in more detention.

        4.         Students will serve multiple detentions on a consecutive daily basis with the detentions being served in the same order that                                     they were issued.

        5.       Students will be issued a “detention slip”, stating the reasons for the detention, by the teacher. This slip, signed by the parents or                           guardian, must be returned to the teacher on or before the first day of detention or more detention time will be assigned.

            Detention means spending time outside of regular school hours and is used as a punishment for some violations of rules. All detentions are supervised by teachers or the principal. A student on detention is never left unsupervised.