Student Handbook Elastic Clause

Elastic Clause

      The student handbook for Faulkton Area Schools does not include everything that may possibly happen during the school year.  If any situation not specifically covered should arise, the administration and teaching staff will make every effort to act fairly and quickly to resolve the issue and communicate with the parents in a timely manner.  The best interest of the student, school, and community will be greatly considered in handling each event.  Each situation is different and all situations will be handled on an individual basis.  We sincerely hope that each one of you will have a successful and enjoyable school year.  Please take the time to know the rules and regulations that you are expected to follow and many of the little problems that may be avoided.  If you have questions or concerns please contact your child’s classroom teacher or the principal.  They can explain the rules to you and will do their best to enforce all rules fairly and consistently.