Student Handbook Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

            A student must attend high school for eight (8) semesters, except in extreme circumstances. Such “circumstances” must be discussed with the high school principal and Superintendent. Only one unit of credit for co-curricular activities (band and vocal) and one unit of credit for physical education shall be counted toward graduation.

            Students graduating are required to earn 22 credits including:

            4 units of Language Arts (includes 1 ½ units writing, 1 ½ units literature, and ½

                        unit of speech)

            3 units of social studies (includes 1 unit of U.S. History, 1 unit of U.S. Government,

                        ½ unit of World History, and ½ unit of World Geography)

            3 units of Mathematics (includes 1 unit of Algebra I, 1 unit of Geometry*, and 1 unit

                        of Algebra II*)

            3 units of Lab Science (includes 1 unit of Physical Science, 1 unit of Biology, and

                        1 unit of Chemistry* or Physics*)

            2 units of keyboarding/computer studies

            1 unit of Fine Arts * Optional Drama Activities

            1 unit of Physical Education/Health

            ½ unit of Personal Finance or Economics

            *With school and parent/guardian approval, a student may be excused from this course in favor of a more appropriate course. A student may be excused from Algebra II or Geometry, but not both. A student is required to take three units of Math. If a student is excused from Chemistry or Physics, the student must still take three units of Science.

No student will participate in commencement exercises unless he/she meets the requirements for graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that he/she has earned all the required course credits and the required minimum amount for graduation.