Student Handbook Honor Roll and Honor Graduation

Honor Roll and Honor Graduation

            An honor roll is compiled at the end of each nine-week period, based on the grades for that period. The following is the break-down for inclusion on the honor roll:      Straight "A"    4.00                

            "A" Average    (not including 4.00) 3.75-4.00

            "B" Average    (not including 3.75) 3.00-3.75

A student receiving an "F" in any subject is automatically excluded from the honor roll, regardless of his grade average.

            Students who graduate with a grade point average of 3.60 or higher are listed as honor students. This will be determined by the seventh semester grade point average.

Grade Point Average is computed as follows (+’s and –’s are not considered):

                        A – 4 points

                        B – 3 points

                        C – 2 points

                        D – 1 point     

                        F – 0 points

            In determining honor roll and honor graduation, all regular academic courses, including physical education and music are considered. Grades in driver's education are excluded.