Student Handbook Parties and Dances - High School

All-school social affairs are under the supervision of the principal of the high school. Class functions are under the supervision of the class faculty advisers. In all cases, the adviser must attend the social functions and arrangements for parties must be completed at least one week previous to the date of the party.
  1. Arrangements for the use of the gymnasium or any other room for a special function must be made with the Superintendent.
  2. The high school building must be cleared by 11 o'clock on evenings when authorized parties are held except when authorized to extend longer. 
  3. Classes are responsible for any damage done at any class party.
  4. Students attending school parties or dances are to stay in the auditorium   unless excused to leave.
  5. Students leaving without permission will not be allowed to return to the  activity
  6. Loitering around the building and grounds will not be allowed.
  7. At least one set of parents is to be on duty at all dances and parties and at  least one faculty member is to supervise arrangements and the students.

            Only Faulkton Area High School students in grades nine through twelve (9-12) may attend, except for dances designed for guests. For such dances, a student bringing a guest must register with the principal the guest by a designated deadline prior to the dance. The behavior of the guest is the responsibility of the student who brought the guest. All guests are expected to obey all rules and regulations, just as Faulkton students are expected to do so.

            All doors will be locked at a predetermined time, usually a half-hour after the designated opening time. No student will be allowed to enter after this time, unless prior arrangements have been made with the supervisor of the dance or party.