Student Handbook Study Hall/TAP Rules

  1. All students are to enter the room quietly and take their assigned seats immediately.
  2. Students shall wait in their seats until roll is taken before being permitted to use the library or sign out for any other reason or place.
  3. Only one student at a time is to be at the study hall supervisor's desk for signing out purposes.
  4.  Students who exceed the allowed time to be checked out will lose sign out privileges for a number of days determined by the study hall supervisor.
  5. Students signing out of study hall with pass made out for less than a full period must return immediately at the time indicated on the pass. Students with passes need to return to study hall before the end of the period and check in.
  6. Study hall is a workroom and students are expected to be constructively busy.
  7. Students that wish to check out during TAP must have a signed pass from the teacher they are checking out to see before leaving their TAP room.
  8.  Each study hall/TAP teacher has the right to add other rules and regulations to these, if they feel it is necessary.