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Damage/Vandalism/Breaking and Entering the School Building

This policy refers to willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property (including books and equipment). The student should be counseled by the classroom teacher and/or principal and the parent/guardian will be notified. The student will be subject to possible detention, suspension, expulsion, and/or possible referral to law.

enforcement agency, depending on the seriousness of the offense, and total financial responsibility. Failure to accept financial responsibility will be dealt with by suspension or expulsion of the student and/or referral to the proper law enforcement agency.

            The school may in the case of minor damage (writing on desks, pencil marks in books, etc.) give the student the option of rectifying the situation by his/her own labor as long as the work is acceptable. In such cases, parents may not be officially notified. This option is at the school’s discretion and times to perform the work will be at the supervising teacher’s convenience.

            While science lab glass and equipment breakage may not be intentional, students are financially responsible for such breakage and replacement cost.