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Student Handbook Locks and Lockers

Each student (Grades 7-12) will be assigned a locker. Students who leave money, jewelry, or anything of value in their coats, desks, or lockers at any time do so at their own risk as the school cannot be responsible for loss.

All lockers are loaned to the student with the understanding that they may be inspected by the principal or Superintendent at any time. The locker interior should be kept neat at all times. Students are not to open the locker of another student unless express permission is given from the student to do so.

It is recommended that students take sufficient books, supplies, etc. with them for more than one class so that locker stops between classes are not necessary. Also, students should take sufficient work to study halls.

Each student is responsible for the locker they are assigned. If it is damaged, written on, or in any way defaced or damaged, the student will be fined for cleaning and/or repairing the damages. Items are not to be taped to the outside of the lockers as the paint will peel off when the tape is removed. No images or material that is sexually demeaning or suggestive, promoting the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other controlled substances are to be hung on the inside as well as the outside of all school lockers. There are places provided above the lockers to hang items. The lockers will be checked the last day of school before students are officially checked out of school. Students may put locks on their lockers, but must turn a copy of the combination or an extra key into the principal. If students or parents so choose the district may provide a lock that can be used throughout the school year. The lock will be returned to the main office at the completion of the school year.