Teacher Evaluation

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Purpose of Evaluation:

The Faulkton Area Schools exists for the educational betterment of the students.  Supervision and evaluation of certified staff members shall be oriented toward improving instruction.  Employees in the Faulkton Area Schools can only be justified by such evaluations.


Frequency of Evaluations:

All teachers in their first three years employed by the Faulkton Area Schools shall be evaluated a minimum of two formal evaluations.  The first to be completed prior to November 15th and the second to be completed prior to February 15th.

All teachers following their third year or more employed by the Faulkton Area Schools shall be evaluated a minimum of every two school years.  This evaluation shall be completed prior to March 15th.

Evaluation Instrument:

The evaluation instrument is to be agreed upon by the Faulkton Teachers and the Faulkton Board of Education.  Any changes to the instrument or policy shall be the result of meetings between the two parties.

Evaluation Procedures:

Evaluation shall be made in a variety of situations and a variety of times.  Supervision shall be both formal and informal and shall include matters pertaining to students, instructional personnel, instruction, and curriculum.

Following the formal evaluation, the evaluator shall prepare a written record of the evaluation based on the formal and informal evaluations and shall have a conference with the teacher regarding the evaluation within three days after the date of the formal evaluation.  The teacher shall have an opportunity to write any comments of reaction to the evaluation either during the conference or within one week of the conference date.

Areas Subject to Evaluation:    Preparation, Teaching Procedures, Professionalism, Personal Qualities, and Classroom Environment.

Type of Recommendations:

1.      Recommended for Continued Employment

2.      Recommended for Continued Employment with Probation

(The teacher shall receive, in writing, the areas of weakness)

3.      Not Recommended for Continued Employment

(The teacher must have held at least one conference with the evaluator

when “recommended for continued employment with probation” or “not recommended for continued employment: is cited, the teacher may request, with the required time, a conference with the board of education.)