Crisis Plan


Faulkton Area Schools District 24-4 Crisis Plan 

1.      Faulkton School District designated administrative personnel and supervisory personnel will make up the Rapid Response Crisis Team, (RRCT). 

a.       Superintendent

b.      Business Manager

c.       Administrative Assistant

d.      Principal(s)

e.       Guidance Counselor

2.      Members of the RRCT will receive appropriate supplies and equipment that include a portable bullhorn, class lists and other supplies as requested by the Team.

3.      All members of the RRCT will take part in drills, meetings, and training sessions. 

a.       Fire and tornado

b.      Lockdown

4.      The building principals are responsible for disseminating pertinent information to the entire staff.

a.       In person

b.      By phone:  A School Messenger text bearing the code number 68453 in the heading is the ID for the Faulkton School.  Do not delete this text as it contains crucial information concerning the current crisis situation.

c.       Email as last option

5.      In a crisis situation, all staff will be notified through the phone system. If for some reason this system is not functional, notification will be made through the building computer system, by runner, or by bell. 

6.      Building administrators will notify law enforcement, fire, or other applicable agencies on an as needed basis immediately. 

7.      Rally points will be designated and staff will relocate with the students at that site.  Only parents or guardians will be allowed to take students from the rally point and all students will be kept at the rally point until the appropriate agency or individual(s) has assessed the crisis situation.

a.       Rally points for evacuation drills and or fire

i.        JH/HS Exit through NE doors to elementary playground

ii.      JH/HS Exit through South doors to front parking lot

iii.    Shop students exit through West doors to parking lot iv. Elementary exit through East doors to bus parking area

v. If students are in playground area they are to remain with playground monitor until all clear is given

b.      Rally point for tornado

i.        1st floor of JH/HS complex

c.       Rally points for off-campus evacuation

i.        Catholic Church basement (1st choice)

ii.      UMC Church meeting room (overflow)

iii.    County Courthouse (overflow) iv. Lutheran Church sanctuary (overflow or wind direction)

v. Lakeside Country Club (if required to vacate town due to severe event)


Faulkton School District 24-4 Threat Level Coordination Program 


A Life Threatening Emergency that requires specific action to ensure the safety of staff and students. Known weapons where there is imminent physical danger.


A.               Armed person in classroom or hallway. Imminent harm to themselves or others.
Hostage Situation.
Death/Serious Injury on campus unknown causes. (Known cause to Level II).  SIGNAL: Continuous Bell - 10 seconds, followed by 3 short blasts. (The "old train whistle" signal.)


RESPONSE: In class

1.      Ask students to remain seated in classroom and stand by for further information. 

2.      "Quick-Look" check of hallway for passing students. Direct those students into your room. 

3.      Lock all doors (do not open for anyone). 

4.      Paper over windows. 

5.      Close blinds. 

6.      Wait for further announcement (all clear signal). 

7.      Report by phone if medical assistance is needed. 

8.      If you observe a non-student (trespasser) or a perceived dangerous person, use the interschool phone and report the: 

1.      Location 

2.      Description (numbers)

3.      Direction headed 

4.      Possession of weapon, i.e., gun, knife, etc.*** 

1.      DO NOT use the phone unless you need medical assistance or have information. 

2.      These conditions remain in effect until the "ALL CLEAR" signal sounded. This will be a long, continuous bell (like the end of a fire drill). 

3.      As soon as possible, we will debrief the entire staff as to the status of the situation, our response and plans for continued/additional response if necessary. (Classroom discussion, extra counselors, etc., or send a statement to each room by runner.) 

***NO STUDENT OR TEACHER OR STAFF MEMBER is to confront a trespasser. RESPONSE: OUT OF CLASS (lunch, passing time)

1.      Upon signal 

2.      Faculty, staff, students go directly to nearest room where space is available. 

3.      Follow steps 2-11 above. 



1.      Convene Crisis Decision Team in Superintendent's office. (Administrators, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, counselor,). 

2.      Crisis Security Team takes positions to: 

a.       Assist anyone not aware of the crisis or failing to respond to the instructions to move into the nearest room where space is available (the auditorium/gym will be opened). 

b.      Stay in contact with and assist the Crisis Decision Team with the latest information available regarding the crisis from their vantage point. 

3.      Crisis Decision Team will assess and confirm situation. 

4.      Contact Authorities if applicable: 

a.       Sheriff’s desk: 598-6229

b.      Fire Dept.: 598-6229

c.       Ambulance: 598-6229

d.      Northeastern Mental Health: 225-1010 

5.      Develop plan to reduce danger to students and staff. 

a.       Communicate threat

b.      Lockdown

c.       Notify appropriate agency

6.      Secure the area class or individual. 

                    a.       Do not confront
                    b.      Isolate students from threat

7. When incident is concluded: 

a.   Debrief Crisis Team. 

b.  Prepare statement for media or refer all calls to Superintendent’s Office. 

c.   Contact parents of students involved or injured. 

d.  Debrief staff member(s) where situation occurred. 

e.   Debrief students (as necessary for their health and welfare). 

f.    Memo to all staff to be read to students before the end of the day. 

g.   Emergency faculty meeting. 

Also to consider:

1.      Family of student/staff involved in the situation. 

2.      Support services for students/staff. 

3.      Media--All calls directed to one person (agreed upon statement).  

4.      Crisis team meets to evaluate response/process/improve plan. 


A serious situation that requires specific action to ensure the safety of staff and students.


A.  Gun in locker. 

B.  Gun/weapon in classroom (not displayed). 

C.  Student/teacher death (cause has been determined - no physical danger to others present). 

D.  Bomb threat 

1.      Convene Crisis Team members in Superintendent's office or other designated location (Business manager or Administrative Assistant will know if alternative meeting site is chosen). 

2.      Determine Response Plan and Specific Procedures - plan to minimize danger to students and staff. Also to minimize panic and/or alarm. 

3.      Assess/Define/confirm the emergency. 

4.      Secure the area. Keep students away from affected area. 

5.      Contact appropriate agencies as deemed necessary: 

a.       Sheriff’s desk: 598-6229

b.      Fire Dept.: 598-6229

c.       Ambulance: 598-6229

6.      When incident is over, debrief the Team. Create written appropriate response for communication purposes. 

7.      Debrief affected staff and students. 

8.      When appropriate, prepare Level II memo for all staff to read to students. 

9.      Debrief Team when incident is ended. 

10.  Review incident and plan for effectiveness. 


A Conflict Resolution Situation requiring specific actions to ensure the safety/security of staff and students with minimal disruption to the educational process.


a.   Student fights on campus. 

b.  Non-students in building - trespassers 

c.   Bomb threat  

d.  Illegal and/or intimidating activities. 

e.   Pervert on campus. 

f.    Can of mace on campus. 

g.   After school fight(s) on campus. 

1.      Upon notification to Main Office an administrator or designee will be informed and move towards the situation. 

2.      Conflict Management Team Members in locals of incident/concern for safety/security will be notified. They will assist in resolution of the conflict. 

3.      Conflict Management Team Members by location are: 

Third floor –Linda Demery, Kathleen Melius, Jamie Werner

Second floor – Randy Tisher, Nancy Heidenreich, Christopher Ulrich, Linda Demery, Nikki Melius, Vanessa Bowman

 First floor – Craig Cassens, Dylan Mickelsen, Mary Schlechter, Shayne Geditz, Chad Spice, Jeremy Demery

Back Hallway/PE – Cecelia Woodring

  Elementary – All K-6 staff/SpEd

If appropriate support agencies will be called:

a. Faulk Co. Sheriff: 598-6229

b. Fire Dept.: 598-6229

4.      Impose disciplinary sanctions on students involved. 

1.      Detention

2.      In-school suspension

3.      Out of school suspension

4.      Expulsion

   5.      Debrief Team when incident is ended. 

   6.      Review incident and plan for effectiveness. 




A serious situation/tragedy/loss in the Faulkton Area Community (staff, student, our surrounding communities) that will impact our lives and our participation in the educational process.


A.  Suicide on campus. 

B.  Suicide off campus. 

C.  Tragic event off campus involving Faulkton staff or students. 

1.      Communicate through Phone Tree (starts with Superintendent, Principal(s) and Business Manager). 

a.   Crisis Team is contacted. 

b.  Contact faculty/staff/office personnel, custodians, Instructional Assistants, cafeteria personnel, business office, support staff. 

 2.      Crisis Team meets as soon as possible or at 7:00 a.m. the next morning in Superintendent’s office. 

a.   Develop plan to respond to the tragedy, meet the needs of students/staff. 

b.  Create written appropriate response to any inquiring calls. 

3.      Faculty meets at 8:00 a.m. Mr. Baird’s room. 

a.   Faculty responsibilities in classes (sheet of suggested in-class activities if applicable). 

b.  Guidance counselor responsibilities to provide support/comfort to staff/students. 

1.      Crisis Team meets 1st period to evaluate situation - determine additional response. 

2.      When appropriate - faculty meeting at end of day - notification by bulletin to all staff in their boxes. (Process/Support/Closure). 

3.      When appropriate, Crisis Team meets to debrief, evaluate response, adjust plan to improve effectiveness.