Faulkton Area School Beliefs

We, at the Faulkton Area Schools, believe:


      The students of this school are the reason we are all here.

      All children can learn in many different ways.

      Self-esteem is critical to student development and learning.

      Children can benefit more from their schooling if they come to school ready to learn.

      Supportive parental involvement contributes significantly to a child’s learning and development.

      Adult modeling is a powerful means of teaching young people.

      The school environment should be safe and conducive to learning.

      Application of learning enhances retention, participation, and motivation.

      Effective learning involves thinking at a variety of higher order thinking levels and goes beyond memorization.

      Education is a responsibility shared by the school, parents or guardians, and the community.

      The teachers of a school are the school’s greatest resource.

      The students of a school are the community’s greatest resource.

The Faulkton Area Schools promote mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct by and among board members, teachers, administrators, staff, students, parents and the general public.