Staff Duties


Ticket Taking


The following list is intended to cover most of the situations that can occur during an athletic or activity event. However, due diligence must cover every eventuality and the individual’s response to a situation should reflect a calm, professional and measured response to any crisis that occurs.


      When you are assigned ticket taking duty during a game, match or meet the primary responsibilities are to handle ticket sales.

      Arrive on time for your duty and be visible to those who may look to you for questions or guidance

      Make sure that ticket takers are in place, money is ready and programs are on the ticket taker’s stand. If there is a concern contact the AD immediately.

      If students leave the building during an athletic event, they will not be readmitted to the event without charge.   

      If you observe anyone or anything out of place or order notify an administrator and/or custodian immediately.  

      Your duty ends when the ticket booth is closed and gate receipts are turned into the appropriate official.