Leaves, Supplies, Telephone, Fund Raiser


Notify your principal as soon as you know that you must take time off for any reason.   Professional protocol allows for ten business days of notice to be given to your supervisor prior to the personal day you intend to be absent.  The granting of personal leave is subject to obtaining an adequate substitute.  Calls should be made to your principal by 7:00 am when making a sick leave request.   You are required to fill out a “Faulkton Area School Leave Request and Absence Report” found in staff mail room and at each Colony attendance site for any absence from work.  

Purchase/Requisition System

All equipment and supplies are to be requested on a purchase-order system using the program supplied by the Business Office.  Every attempt should be made to calculate the number and type of supplies necessary for the next school year by March  15th of the current year.  If additional supplies and equipment are needed during the school year, teachers should make a request to their principal and the request will be approved or disapproved based on budget realities.  Equipment and supplies that are considered as Capital Expenditures will be requested by February 15th.  It is important that teachers use conservative measures in requesting purchases.  It is the goal of the District to have everything necessary for a first-rate educational program based on Common Core Content Standards.



The telephones located in the teacher workroom and coaches’ room cannot be used for sending long distance calls. Long Distance calls may be transferred by the main office if prior arrangements have been made. Please restrict your telephone calls to school business.  Cell phones should be turned off during the school day and used in emergency situations only.  Students are to be excused from class to make calls home for only emergencies and illnesses.


Fund Raising

If your club or group desires to have a fund-raising activity, please obtain and fill out the proper form for approval from the superintendent.   When approved, the activity will be placed on the calendar located on the school web page.