Library Use

Library Use 
1. Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to the library for research, but advanced notice is encouraged so that the library staff can be better prepared to help the class in their research.
2. All materials should be checked out before removing them from the library.
3. The library is on an automated system.  All staff members and students have a barcode.  This barcode must be scanned and then the barcode on the material must be scanned.  If the material does not have a barcode on it yet, you must sign the card and leave it on the desk. 4. You can access the library catalog online, from the work station in your room. Some computers have been set up with an OPAC icon  (online patron access) in your profile.  This allows you to search the Faulkton School library card catalog.  If this is not set up on your computer and you would like to have it, contact Mrs. Demery.
5. Study halls not located in the library may send only two people at a time to the library.  The student should present a pass to the librarian or they will be sent back to study hall.
6. The library subscribes to World Book Online and can be accessed by clicking on the link on the Faulkton School Page.   You can also access this at home by using the following username and password:  Username: faulktonschool    Password: fstrojans242 7. The librarian can also order books from the State Library.  You can search for books at the State Library and college libraries by going to the following website:     Click on Library catalog and do your search.  Print out the books that you would like ordered and give the sheet to Mrs. Demery to order.
8. You can also access online magazine articles by clicking on the ProQuest link at the State Library site.  
9. The library subscribes to the Faulkton Record, Aberdeen American News and the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.  
10. Staff may give students passes to go to the library to take an Accelerated Reader Test.  The student must give the pass to the librarian and let the librarian  know they wish to take a test and must have the librarian sign the printout after the test is taken. 11. The library has a large collection of Videos for teachers to checkout.  A listing is on the school website on the library page.