Staff Responsibilities

Staff members WILL:

      Be prepared with subject knowledge, methods, and materials.

      Meet the diverse needs of each student.

      Model behavior expected of students.

      Hold high expectations for all students and themselves.

      Provide a safe, positive and equitable learning environment.

Staff members WILL NOT:

      Give up on any student.

      Have unreasonable expectations.

      Use corporal punishment except to restrain student from harming himself/herself or others.

      Use language that is degrading, sexist or improper.

      Degrade a student or another staff member in public.

Staff members are EXPECTED to:

      Be in the school from 8:30 am to 3:55 p.m.   (3:35 p.m. on Fridays)   Certified staff members will be expected to remain in the building during lunch and planning periods. If a certified staff member must leave the campus during the school day for a compelling reason, then permission may be granted by their principal.

      Be responsible.

      Use appropriate humor.

      Be respectful to students and fellow faculty members.

      Attend all teacher’s meetings, in-services, and parent/teacher conferences on a timely basis.

      Speak positively to the public about school, school policies, and school personnel.

      Take proper care of school property and to lock doors and shut windows at the end of the school day.

      Demand respect from students for school, school property, faculty members, and themselves.

      Demand proper behavior from students on school-sponsored activities.

      Dress in an appropriate manner for your profession while demonstrating your school spirit by dressing appropriately for “special” days.

  • Supervise sporting events as scheduled.

 Staff members MUST 

      Report to their principal/superintendent suspected child abuse whether sexual, emotional, and physical or neglect.

Administrators and Teachers Should EXPECT

      A mutual understanding of policies and procedures and consequences for noncompliance

      A willingness to work within the chain of command

      A professional demeanor and mutual professional respect

      A commitment to the concept of a learning community 

      A personal philosophy of learning and teaching that is evident in everything we do

      A sense of ownership with the vision, mission and goals of the district

      A belief in the power of change and the positive force that change can be in the classroom, building and district

      A comprehension of best practices in education 

      A hunger for lifelong learning

      A communication model that builds on trust, respects differences of opinion and is open and honest.