Teacher Evaluation/Termination

Teacher Evaluation

      All non-tenured teachers shall be evaluated by the principal a minimum of once per semester.

      All tenured teachers shall be evaluated by the principal a minimum of once each school year.

      Evaluations are to be made in a variety of situations and a variety of times, some formal and some informal.  Walk through will be pre-scheduled with teacher at point of Danielson Framework Evaluation Policy.

      Following the formal evaluation, the evaluator shall prepare a written record of the evaluation and shall have a conference with the teacher within three days following the date of the evaluation.  The teacher shall have an opportunity to write any comment of reaction to the evaluation within one week following the conference.

      Teachers are to be evaluated in the following areas:  preparation, teaching procedures, professionalism, personal qualities, and classroom environment.

      The types of recommendations:

o   Recommended for continued employment

o   Recommended for continued employment with plan of assistance o Not recommended for continued employment



Any employee of the Faulkton Area Schools District may be dismissed by the school board at any time for just cause for any of the following reasons:

      Breach of Contract

      Poor Performance


      Gross Immorality 

      Unprofessional Conduct


      Neglect of Duty

      or  the violation of any policy or regulation of the school district ( SDCL 13-43-6.1)