Technology and Equipment Use

1.      The Technology Coordinator will provide the staff with usernames and passwords to log on to the network, Infinite Campus, Google Apps, and State Email.

o   Logging into the network:  Username: Same as State email username (example JD252)  Password: Is created by user and must be changed every school year

o   Logging into Infinite Campus:  Username: Setup by Administrative Assistant or HS Principal when account is created.  Password: generated at account creation and can be changed by user after logging in.

o   Logging into State Email: Username: Generated by k12 help desk (example JD252)  Password:  Must be 8 characters long and contain upper and lower case letters, and a combination of either special characters or numbers. Password also needs to be changed every school year

2.      The Faulkton Area School District website is: .  Our website contains many important resources and links for teachers, students, and parents.  

3.      Computer Lab Usage and Mobile Lab Usage:  

a.       If you would like to use the computer lab for class, check with Mrs. Demery for availability.  If you would like to use the elementary mobile lab, you must sign up for it by adding name and time of use to the Elementary Computer Cart Calendar.  

b.      When a teacher signs up for a lab for classroom work the teacher is expected to be in the lab supervising the students.

c.       Drinks of any kind are not allowed around the computers.

d.      Teachers should be familiar with the technology policy that is included in the student handbook and should enforce the policy.  The Technology Coordinator will review the policies with all high school students at the beginning of the school year.

4.      DDN Scheduling: DDN scheduling should be done through the Technology Coordinator to help prevent two people trying to reserve the room at the same time.  If the session is being instigated by Faulkton School the following information needs to be given to the Technology Coordinator: date, time, the name of the schools involved, how many from each school will be involved, and the name of the session.  Once the session is approved the other schools involved need to be notifiedd so that their rooms can be reserved.  For sessions instigated by other schools or sources, only the name of the people using the room, the date and time are needed.

5.      For equipment that is not usually located in the staff’s room(dvd player, camcorders, digital camera, etc..)  the staff will check the equipment out with the Technology Coordinator.  When done using the equipment, it should be returned to the Technology Coordinator.

6.      Requisitions dealing with technology and classroom equipment should be given to the Technology Coordinator as they come out of the technology budget.  All information it that is required on the requisition for the office should also be included on the technology requisitions.  Requisitions will be discussed with administration and if needed technology committee.

7.      Requests for technology help and repairs should be submitted through the Tech help form located on our district website.

8.      Projectors should be shut down if not in use for more than 10 minutes.  Computers should be shutdown at night, and laptops should be restarted every day.  If you use a digital camcorder or digital camera make sure all material is transferred from device and device is charged before returning it. 

9.      Permission to use equipment outside of school should be cleared with the Technology Coordinator and the administration.

10.  Staff are expected to create and maintain a website. The district has implemented Google Sites© as the source for creating your website.  Help in creating and editing your site is available from the Technology Coordinator.

11.  Care of equipment assigned to you:

a.       Dust around the computers and wipe dust off the computers at least once a month

b.      Never use laptop or tablet on a soft surface that obstructs airflow to bottom a computer.

c.       Always use case provided for computer, camera, or camcorder.

d.      Do not install applications without approval from technology coordinator.

e.       Do not download freeware, screensavers, or toolbars.

12.  Technology Coordinator is available to help with classroom projects that require the use of technology.  Please ask in advance so that we can ensure websites aren’t blocked and appropriate software is installed on computers.