Vision of Technology

The District will prepare its students to have the requisite knowledge and technological skills required to compete in a technologically advanced global workplace. The use and application of technology to solve complex problems is a vital component of our students’ education.  The District will connect our educational program and system within the global environment through the effective application of technology while continuing the process of sound, fundamental, rigorous, relevant basic education.

The District believes that to use technology effectively all members of our staff, student body and community must develop the ability to form effective strategies for responsible use.  Our educational community, that includes students, parents, teachers and community members, will view technology as a tool for learning and will practice ethical use to promote a safe and healthy learning environment.

     The District will advocate the responsible use of data and will support the use of technology to provide access to information, data collection and decision-making at all levels.  District staff will develop and implement an educational curriculum aligned with State Content Standards.  The staff will provide instructional use of technology that supports the skills and competencies necessary for their students’ grade and content area.  These skills and competencies will also be aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education (DOE) standards for students, teachers and administrators.