Congratulations to Mrs. Stephenson, who was parent-nominated for Special Education Teacher of the Year!

Weekly Announcements

Saturday, February 23rd
    10:00am State Wrestling

Monday, February 25th
    3:45pm B JH BB vs Northwestern
    7:00pm Boys BB Region Play
    B:  Scrambled Eggs
    L:  Sloppy Joe

Tuesday, February 26th
    7:00pm Boys Basketball Region Play
    B:  Breakfast Boat
    L:  Chicken Patty Sandwich

Wednesday, February 27th
    B:  Strawberry Bagels
    L:  Cowboy Cavatini

Thursday, February 28th
    7:00pm G V BB SoDak 16 vs Warner
    B:  Sausage Pancake Stick
    L:  Chili





Mary Vetch,
Dec 11, 2017, 8:25 AM