Weekly Announcements

Saturday, September 22nd
    11:00am Volleyball @ Miller

Monday, September 24th
    5:00pm "JH" & JV Football @ Sully Buttes, departure @ 3:15
    6:00pm Youth Football @ Tulare, 2 games
    B:  Scrambled Eggs & Toast
    L:  Fish Sticks

Tuesday, September 25th
    11:00am Josten's rep Meeting with Sophomores and Juniors
    6:30pm JV Volleyball vs Langford
    8:00pm V Volleyball vs Langford, Tickets:  Mrs. Mickelson, Mrs. Wieseler, Concessions:  Mrs. Cassens
    B:  Breakfast Boat
    L:  Tangerine Chicken

Wednesday, September 26th
    Land & Range Judging
    B:  Glazed Donuts
    L:  Corn Dogs

Thursday, September 27th
    JH/High School Eligibility Posting
    5:15 JH Volleyball @ Aberdeen Christian, departure @ 3:30
    6:30pm JV Volleyball @ Aberdeen Christian, departure @ 3:30
    8:00pm V Volleyball @ Aberdeen Christian
    B:  Sausage Pancake Stick
    L:  Cheesy Eggs & French Toast

Friday, September 28th
    7:00pm Football @ Iroquois, departure @ 3:15
    B:  Sausage, Hashbrowns, toast
    L:  Chicken Fajita Burrito

Saturday, September 29th
    10:00 Cross Country Meet @ Highmore



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Dec 11, 2017, 8:25 AM